Millie Bobby Brown And Mariah Carey Are Besties — Could A Christmas Duo Be In The Works?

Jordan Claes
Millie Bobby Brown
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Hollywood is bursting with iconic friendships. There's Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, and who could forget Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio? But there's one celebrity pairing fans never saw coming — Mariah Carey and Millie Bobby Brown.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Millie confirmed that she and Mariah have indeed managed to become "besties" and eluded to the fact that we may yet see a musical collaboration between "The Queen of Christmas" and Eleven from Stranger Things.

It All Started Back In 2019 When Mariah Posted A Picture Of Her Son, Morrocan, On Halloween.

Mariah Carey's son, Moroccan, wearing a skeleton Halloween costume, sitting with a carved pumpkin of Eleven from 'Stranger Things', doing her hand gesture.
instagram | @mariahcarey

It turns out, Mariah's little guy is quite the fan of Stranger Things. Here he can be seen wearing a skeleton costume, sitting beside a carved "Eleven" pumpkin, and performing her signature hand gesture. Millie caught wind of the photo on social media and decided that she wanted to meet Morrocan, give him the real Stranger Things treatment, and make his day.

Introductions Were Made And Millie Blew Morrocan's Mind. However, She Wound Up Making An Even Greater Impact On Mariah.

Millie told Jimmy Fallon that part of why she and Mariah immediately got on so well had to do with the fact that Mariah had also grown up in the public eye. The unlikely duo became instant friends and are now so close that Millie has her own pet name for the Grammy Award-winning singer — Mimi.

Later On, Millie Revealed That Mariah Has A Habit Of Singing Non-Stop All Around The House.

Millie Bobby Brown being interviewed on 'The Tonight Show' by Jimmy Fallon.
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"I go over to her house and I'll be, like, eating dinner, and she'll come 'round and she'll be like, 'Wooo oooooh AHHHH!' It's a real thing. People are like 'Oh well, she's —' no, no, no, no, no — she does it when we're eating Chinese food," Millie said.

Jimmy was eager to hear if the two stars had ever sung together, and it turns out that not only do Millie and Mariah sing but Millie has even been invited into Mariah's home studio! "Could something be in the works?" Fallon asked incredulously.

"Potentially," Millie replied.

Not Long After Millie's 'Tonight Show' Appearance, Mariah Appeared As A Guest.

After brief introductions were made, Jimmy explained to Mariah how Millie had recently stopped by and dished about what it was like to have dinner at Mariah Carey's house. He showed her the clip, which made Mariah erupt with laughter.

"She's not lying," Mariah said with a smirk. Could there be a lost Mariah/Millie album; is it possible that we could be on the verge of witnessing the greatest holiday duo since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny [expletive] Kay? We'll just have to wait and see.