This Red Onion That Looks Like a Lotus Flower Will Make You Tear Up

Sarah Kester
Red Onions
Unsplash | Thomas Martinsen

Not everything is always as it seems.

Take a potato that resembles Donald Trump's face or a man's stomach that looks just like Woody Harrelson. Not sure what the actor thinks about that.

There's also this onion that looks just like a lotus flower on the inside. It's so beautiful, it just might make you tear up (and not because someone is cutting said onion).

It Almost Looks Too Pretty to Eat — Almost

Red onion that looks like a lotus flower
reddit | u/Ban_Pending

The Redditor said that he turned it into a red onion dip.

Many Redditors were impressed by the discovery. "Wizards of the Coast is taking reprints too far!" wrote one. "This image is making my eyes water," added another.

This Next Image Just Might Make You Tear Up

And it's not just because it's an onion and those are a hassle to cut. It's because of what exists on the inside of this red onion. "The inside of my red onion looks like a lotus flower," wrote u/Ban_Pending to the u/midlyinteresting subreddit.

Many Things in Life Require a Double-Take

Man holding fridge on car
Diply | Reddit

Imagine driving down the road and seeing this! The man on top should really rethink his delivery service business. Maybe try a Uhaul instead?

The only thing that could go wrong here is everything, from the police pulling them over to the fridge falling into the car and landing on top of the driver's head. Let's hope they have good insurance!

This Man Must Be Friends With the Delivery Driver Above

Man trying to fit wood into car
reddit | u/gojiratheking

This is the kind of thing that's worth staying in the parking lot and watching. You just have to see how it all turns out! Or, maybe offer some advice.

If he just turns it a bit more to the right, it should be good. Sure, the new wood will drag on the ground and cars will be forced to stay far, far back. Did we mention that the wood will eventually drop? Hey, at least he didn't stop believing!

This Requires a Double-Take AND a Scream

Spider in toilet paper dispenser
reddit | reddit | u/qbedo

When Arthur learned that customers were stealing toilet paper from his restaurant's bathroom, he knew he had to put a stop to it. Instead of putting up signs or buying cheaper TP, he asked his son if he could borrow his pet spider.

Pretty soon, he got slapped with a health code violation, and customers were terrified to come back to eat. But it was all worth it because he taught those thieves a lesson!