Woman Starts Heated Debate After Starbucks Worker Asked Her to Tip

Sarah Kester
Starbucks drink on counter
Unsplash | Gema Saputera

Tipping has long been a point of contention between service workers and customers.

Did we tip enough? Too little? Do we shave off money for less-than-ideal service? These are the questions plaguing people's minds.

The one place we thought we were safe from the pressure to leave a tip was Starbucks. But, dear coffee drinkers, that day has come. A woman on TikTok has gone viral for sharing her story of receiving the dreaded tablet out the window.

Tipping Culture Has Become a Major Problem

Aaron's TikTok video
TikTok | @i.aaron

It's caused more and more delivery drivers to take drastic measures against those who don't tip well. Take this irate story of a delivery driver who left his customer's food in a tree, for example. Yes, a tree. It's quite bananas.

TikTok user Aaron, who goes by the username @i.aaron, shared the bizarre text exchange he had between himself and the delivery driver who picked up his breakfast from Chick-fil-A. 

“Where did you drop the order off? I can’t find it,” Aaron’s first message read. 

“Tree,” The Driver Responded

Aaron pointing to tree
TikTok | @i.aaron

The delivery driver got hostile with Aaron over his one-dollar tip and even threatened to quit the job.

He even criticized Aaron for eating Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. "Go get some [expletive] eggs and bacon and cook some real breakfast." Aaron was embarrassed to say that he did go to the tree and get his breakfast.

It's hard out here for delivery drivers and customers! In the United States, though, a lot of people rely on tips to get by. At the same time, inflation has people pinching their pennies more than ever. So it's not hard to see both sides.

This Next Story of Tipping Culture Might Leave People Feeling 'Despresso'

Willow's viral video
TikTok | @willowagainstwillows

TikTok creator @willowagainstwillows recorded a viral video about her recent upsetting experience at a Starbucks drive-thru.

"Today is a day I've been dreading for so long," the video's text overlay read. "Today at Starbucks they handed a tablet out the window and asked if I wanted to leave a tip."

In the video's caption, Willow expressed why she was so outraged about this. She explained that she was already being charged at least eight dollars or more for a coffee. "But u cant afford to pay your workers enough?! this why I always chose starbies over dutch," she added.

Willow's Video Led to a Tipping Debate Online

While some agreed with her views, others strongly supported tipping baristas.

"Some of my baristas literally can't afford groceries but you guys are complaining about the OPTION to tip?" one commenter wrote. "I get it’s expensive but to be fair if you went to a regular coffee shop it’s normal to tip and they’re doing the same job," another wrote.