Kim Kardashian Reacts To Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski's Relationship

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury
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It’s healthy to move on from a breakup, but moving on too soon are signs of red flags. However, in the case of Pete Davidson, it seems like the comedian has been perceived as a charmer. 

Pete Davidson Moved On Rather Quickly After Break-Up With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson got together sometime after she separated from her ex-husband Kanye West. 

The duo were together for nine months, and in those nine months, they were always in the limelight. And, rightfully so. Their relationship did not pass the test of time and they called it off in August 2022. 

Now, even though it's towards the end of November 2022, Pete Davidson is already rumored to be in a relationship with Emily Ratajkowski. On top of that, sources close to the couple have revealed they’ve been speaking for a while. 

Keeping the August break-up in mind, it seems like Pete Davidson moved on from Kim Kardashian in a month or two!

Kim Kardashian’s Reaction To Pete Davidson’s Relationship With Emily Ratajkowski 

A source close to the entrepreneur revealed that she is not bothered about the relationship at all. Currently, she has immersed herself in self-care and putting her kids’ happiness first. Therefore, she quite doesn’t associate herself with comments and reactions that are unnecessary. As per the source:

"Kim is not bothered by Pete and Emily's relationship and knows that things were over between her and Pete. She just wants everyone to live their best lives and be happy."

It seems Kim Kardashian just wants Pete Davidson to be happy!

Kim Kardashian Has Always Spoken Fondly About Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
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The comedian may not have had a lifetime with Kim Kardashian, but he made quite an impression on her. 

On more than one occasion, Kim Kardashian has revealed that she finds Pete Davidson charming and wonderful. In fact, she maintained this narrative even after they called it quits.

The duo broke up because reportedly their schedules were too demanding and they couldn’t find the time needed to grow the relationship.

Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski

So far, neither of them has commented on the relationship. It’s unknown when they plan to, but they were recently together to share Pete Davidson’s birthday. Moreover, they’ve been witnessed together and becoming cozy! 

Hopefully, the duo will give us more than just subtle hints about their relationship.. till then the fans and audience will have to be happy with whatever comes their way!