Bunches and bunches of bananas.
Unsplash | Rodrigo dos Reis

Woman Ordered What She Thought Was Individual Bananas, Got More Than She Asked For

Who doesn't love bananas? They're a great snack on their own, and they can go in so many different things. Smoothies, banana bread, cake, oatmeal... the list goes on.

But realistically, you can only go through so many bananas in a month, a week, or even just a day. Like, unless you're planning on going on a banana baking bonanza, you don't need more than a bunch at a time.

Well, one poor woman got way more than she bargained for when ordering groceries online. Her husband saw the humor in it, though, and decided to post a picture of her goof to Reddit's Funny sub.

The Wife Thought She Was Buying Individual Bananas, But Boy Was She Wrong.

At least a dozen bunches of bananas on a kitchen counter.
reddit | ex_natura

Reddit user ex_natura posted his pic to the sub, with a caption that reads, "My wife thought she was ordering eight individual bananas..." In the picture, can see at least ten bunches of bananas resting on a countertop, with two more bunches resting on a hook attached to a fruit bowl. Each bunch seems to have five bananas, meaning that there are at least 60 bananas in the picture. And of course, that's on top of all the other fruit and produce they have in the pic (and are bound to have in their kitchen).

Commenters Were Quick To React To The Sheer Amount Of Bananas.

One user suggested separating the bananas to get them to keep for longer.
reddit | ChcknGrl

Some Reddit users offered suggestions on what to do with the absurd amount of bananas OP and his wife ended up with. According to some, you can separate your bananas to keep them from ripening or spoiling too quickly. While it seems that there's some truth to that trick, it also seems like you'd probably be storing your bananas in a bunch of odd, ridiculous places.

Of Course, Many Commenters Were Thinking Of All The Banana Bread That Could Be Baked.

Users suggest making banana bread with the bananas.
reddit | DisarmedOden683

Just thinking about how much banana bread they can get with those bananas is a little overwhelming. While users pointed out the obvious way to use them, other users joked about how those bananas may end up sitting in the freezer.

Many Users Alluded To The Idea That The Post Could Be Fake.

Users point out that the amount of bananas would've been pricey.
reddit | Fetlocks_Glistening

If anything, you'd think the wife would've known how much an individual banana would've cost (though plenty of users took the time to make Arrested Development jokes).

Not To Mention The Fact That The Math Wasn't Adding Up.

Other users pointed out how the math doesn't add up.
reddit | Eye-on-Springfield

OP said his wife thought she was ordering eight bananas, but there are clearly more than eight bunches in the picture. It's definitely possible that the story behind the picture is exaggerated, and maybe the wife is planning some huge Thanksgiving dessert with all the bananas or something. Either way, it's still pretty funny to think about!