Jenna Ortega Was A Real-Life 'Wednesday' Way Before Starring In The New Series

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Jenna Ortega
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Jenna Ortega is well on her way to becoming an icon in the movie industry due to how she has found her place in the horror genre. However long before she drew fans in with her spooky characters, Ortega was drawn to the darker things. The star shared that even as a child, she always liked things that were a bit off-putting."

Inside Ortega's Uncanny Interests

Presently the young adult is portraying the iconic role of Wednesday from the fictional Addams Family in an eponymous Netflix series that launched on Wednesday. Prior to embodying the role earlier played by Christina Ricci, Ortega already gained notoriety for being drawn to dark-themed scripts and the horror genre. Fans have seen her take on roles in blood-curdling horror flicks like The Baby Sitter: Killer Queen, Scream 5, and Insidious among others.

Starring in horror flicks could come with its own challenges and this mostly borders on one being able to get into character without losing the plot, and Ortega has proved to be one of the bests at what she does. While her expertise is proof that Ortega revels in taking up horror movie roles, her interest in such abstract entities runs deeper than Hollywood. According to the actress she had always been drawn to things with dark themes since childhood.

Ortega On Her Childhood Interests

Jenna Ortega
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The 20-year-old stated that she had always been interested in the spooky things in life. She described them as things that are off-putting, and aren't really pretty when one looked closer. The actress told The Face:

"I love things that are disturbing."

Ortega noted that it felt natural to be drawn to such things when she was asked why she gravitated towards uncanny entities. The Stuck in the Middle star stated that there was an invisible string that seemingly connected her to "serial killers, monsters, [and] creatures." Ortega continued by adding that such bizarre topics were always attractive to her since she was a child.

Ortega Reveals A Bizzare Hobby

The TV star sat in a recent question-and-answer session with Wired where she answered some of the fans' frequently asked questions. The star was asked if she and her The Fall Out fellow star Maddie Ziegler were friends. She answered noting that she and Ziegler had a close-knit relationship and they instantly connected due to their similar interests. Ortega described her fellow star as one of her "greatest friends ever." She stated that they got along so well due to their similar weird natures.

At this point, Ortega revealed a disturbing detail about her childhood. The entertainer made it known that when she was younger, she would often perform autopsies on small animals. However, she did not divulge more details on that.

Inside Her Career

It is safe to say that Ortega has had quite a transition from being a child star to a young adult in the movie industry. According to a 2018 interview with Forbes, the star started acting after she was discovered by an agent on Facebook. During the earlier times in her career, she appeared on CSI: NY, Days Of Our Lives and Iron Man 3. As a child star, she starred in more roles on shows like Jane The Virgin where she played the young Jane. Ortega's break-out role came in 2016 when she landed a role on Disney's Stuck in the Middle.