Jennifer Lopez's IG Goes Black, All Media Taken Down

Ashabi Azeez
Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez has taken down every picture and video on her Instagram media while wiping off her profile image and replacing it with a dark image. Fans were immediately thrown into a state of curiosity minutes after this action took place. Since then many have speculated on what could be going on, and where this could be leading.

Jennifer Lopez Makes A Major Change To Her Instagram

Presently Lopez's Instagram page of 226 million followers is void of media, and while there were no prior hints at something coming, many believe she is either preparing to make some sort of announcement or grab fans' attention for a purpose.

It is pertinent to note that the Ain't Your Mama crooner did not carry out this action on her other social media pages, further intensifying speculations that she was on to something. Since wiping off media from her official page, the 53-year-old is yet to address it as she went M.I.A.

Fans Speculate On What Could Be Going On

Jennifer Lopez
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Several fans took to their social media pages deliberating on the issue and trying to guess the reason for JLo's blank Instagram. Among many deductions, some concerned admirers shared that they hoped the music star was doing fine while wishing her the best. Another assumption is that the mom-of-two could have a new project underway and is preparing fans for it, by grabbing attention in this manner.

However, due to her multi-faceted career, it is not easy to decipher if it relates to music, fashion, film, or television. According to reports, the Maid in Manhattan star's Nuyorican Productions company recently bagged a multi-year deal with streaming service Netflix, and her now-blank Instagram page could be a possible link to this.

JLo Is Enjoying Married Life

Two days prior to this headlining Instagram action, Lopez and her spouse Ben Affleck had TikTok fans gushing over them as they gave a glimpse into their sweet love life. The Jenny From The Block singer posted a clip on the short form app, where she cuddled up with the Batman actor.

Lopez set the background sound to one of TikTok's viral sounds, and it was definitely the highlight of the adorable clip. The audio read out: "Guys, I did it. I found the person that makes me the happiest I have ever been." Affleck and his wife got into character as they animatedly reacted to the sound. The duo stirred wide-eyed before providing to hold each other higher with big smiles.

Their Dream Wedding Took Place Earlier This Year

The Bennifer pair have a love history that goes back about two decades. Affleck and Lopez were the IT couple back in the 90s, but they never quite came around to tying the knot. Fast forward to 2022, and the duo rekindled their romance for a dream Las Vegas ceremony that was ultra private.

The couple also wed at a splendid Georgia party the following month. Following their union, JLo officially changed her last name, while she and Affleck heartily blended their lovely family.