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Gordon Ramsey's Fish & Chips Might Not Be As Great As It Seems

An influencer on TikTok has recently called out one of chef Gordon Ramsey's many restaurants due to their questionable health measures. Keith Lee (@keith_lee125) has over 2.5 million followers thanks to his food-related content, such as taste tests and reviews.

This time Keith was in Las Vegas and wanted to visit the famous restaurant's fish & chips, but he didn't get to taste any of the place's food because of the horrible experience from start to finish.

It Was Full Of Red Flags

Fish and Chips
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Keith said there were many red flags since he had to walk over 20 minutes from the parking lot to get to the restaurant, but he still wanted to give it a shot to get all the fuss about the place. The Tiktoker added that he is a very observant person and that there were many things that didn't feel right.

He described that when he walked in, he noticed that the kitchen wasn't as clean as it should have been and that he glanced at several bowls filled with multiple pieces of cooked fish that looked cold. On top of that, raw fish and incomplete orders made him somewhat uncomfortable.

Harsh Customer Service

Even though he wasn't entirely sure about it, he ordered three pieces of fish, some fries, and a Biscoff milkshake. But, first, he explained that he is allergic to shellfish and asked the waitress to acknowledge that in the kitchen, to which she responded in a very rude way that wasn't possible.

The waitress told him that "everything was contaminated" since they use all the same bowls for lobster, fish, and everything else. She also added that they even use the same oil for all the food.

"I'm no expert, but that sounds gross," said Keith in the clip, visibly upset about the situation since he expected some consideration or exception after explaining his allergy. Yet, the waitress didn't seem to have any intention of helping.

What About The Chicken?

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After the waitress revealed all of the kitchen's dirty secrets, Keith asked for chicken instead. Regardless, she explained that chicken isn't the exception since they use the same bowls and oil for it too.

This was enough for the Tiktoker to leave the restaurant. He explained that he wanted to avoid getting sick over contaminated food or his allergy and wanted to share the incident with his followers who might struggle with the same problem.

At Least She Was Honest

Obviously, Keith didn't get a taste of the food, so he can't give any review rather than his experience attending the restaurant alone. However, he recommends that his followers acknowledge these issues if they want to try the food there.

Users wrote in the comments that they wouldn't be visiting the restaurant, that it sounded like a nightmare, and that many broken health laws were described in the story. Still, they gave some credit to the waitress' honesty that even though it was harsh, it helped him avoid a possible allergic reaction.