Jennifer Lopez 'Rich Girl' Manicure is Perfect for the Holidays

Sarah Kester
Jennifer Lopez
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As resident trendsetters, fans are interested in what the celebs are wearing. We want to know who their favorite designer is, their skincare faves, and more. We also want to know how to recreate their gorgeous manicures.

One person who always "nails it" is Jennifer Lopez. She had the ultimate bridal mani for her wedding to Ben Affleck and now, she's showing off the perfect mani for the holiday season.

Jlo Said "I Do" to Milky Wedding Nails

On Instagram, her longtime manicurist, Tom Bachik, shared the gorgeous touches he added to her manicure for her second wedding to Ben Affleck. While most brides opt for a simple, short French manicure (Jen also loves those), she chose something longer.

The nails were almond shape and featured a milky white base. Tom added accents, such as flowers and a single hummingbird on her ring finger. "White on white on white was the vibe!" he wrote.

The Hummingbird Holds Special Significance to the Star

When she shared the news of her engagement to Ben in March 2022, a picture shared in her newsletter featured artwork of a green hummingbird in her office.

"I don't buy a lot of art, but I bought this. One because I love hummingbirds, and two because I love the color green," she wrote in her newsletter.

She went on to say that birds often fly around her and that she's always had a special connection with hummingbirds because they symbolize love.

With the Holidays Right Around the Corner, Jlo Has Gifted the World With a New Mani

Tom showing off Jlo's nails
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Forget donut nails (sorry, Hailey!), this season is all about the "rich girl" look, according to Jlo's manicurist, Tom. For Thanksgiving, he dolled her up in a neutral manicure that's been dubbed "grieige," a creamy mix of grey and beige.

“We wanted rich girl nails for the Thanksgiving holiday,” Tom told Vogue. “Nothing says that more than a beautiful creamy, full coverage greige—it’s very Chanel."

The Minimalist Look Was Elevated With a Midi-Coffin Shape

Just imagining returning home for the holidays with this stunning manicure. It would pair beautifully with a trench coat and a warm, cashmere scarf.

Even though the color is understated, it would still get people talking. Plus, it would be the perfect post-engagement color on your nails, so you can show off your engagement ring the same way Jlo does here. While your ring might not be as big as hers (that's hard to beat), you'll still be the talk of the dinner table!