Kate Hudson Breaks Down Her Top Skincare Secrets

Sarah Kester
Kate Hudson selfie
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If anyone has aging gracefully down to a science, it's Kate Hudson.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star is 43 years old, but you'd hardly be able to tell thanks to her glowing skin, banging body, and flawless makeup application. Maybe she gets it from her mama, Goldie Hawn?

Either way, Kate isn't one to guard her beauty secrets. In a new video for Vogue, she shared the secrets behind her glowing skin, "wakeup" makeup routine, and more.

First Up Is Skincare

Kate Hudson with face mask on
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She started by cleansing her face with African Botanics, a clarifying facial exfoliant. This helps remove dirt and oil, as well as polish away dead skin.

This provided the perfect canvas for her next step, which was applying facial oil. As someone who cares for her skin, Kate said that while she's always had some kind of routine, she enjoys it now that she's older.

She's Not Afraid to Change Her Routine Often

Kate's skincare routine is a lot like her personality: carefree. Since she likes playing around with different products, she won't always use the same products each week.

She knows her preferences, though, such as doing an eye mask under a full facial mask. "I love before I put on makeup," she said as she placed the eye masks on, followed by the face mask.

When asked by others about her skincare secrets, she has three gems to share: sleep, hydration, and supplement.

She has even created a supplement called Beauty Aura with her company INBLOOM. "Skincare, hair, nails, this is my dream products," she said, before placing two scoops in water and drinking it.

Some of Her Skincare Secrets Actually Come From Her Mom

"She was into stuff before anyone was into it," she said, adding that Goldie used to drink things like mushroom juice. She had a Chinese medicine doctor who would bring over a lot of tinctures.

As she got older, she realized that her mom was onto something. Kate has now followed suit by sharing her skincare routine with her daughter.

Finally, Kate couldn't forget about sunscreen. For this, she used Barbara Strum Sun Drops.

After Skincare, Kate Got Into Her "Wakeup" Makeup

This is the makeup routine that she does most days. For the foundation, she went a little bit warmer in color than her skin tone. Since she has almond eyes, she brought eyeshadow colors underneath her eyes to elongate them, plus other flawless steps.

For her full routine, be sure to check it out!