A Thanksgiving feast
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Woman Wonders If She Was Wrong To Uninvite MIL From Thanksgiving Dinner

It's that time of year once again. The time when families get together and try to get along, even for just one day. That's right, it's Thanksgiving.

Being the person hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful for a number of reasons. You have to do a lot of cooking, baking, and cleaning up once it's all said and done. You also have to deal with guests, who might not be all that thankful for the work you're putting in (ironically enough).

For one woman, her mother-in-law has already refused to eat any of the food she's making. The woman uninvited her MIL from the party, which angered her husband. Now, she's asking Reddit's Am I The Asshole sub if she was in the wrong for doing so.

The User, On A Throwaway Account, Shared Her Story.

A woman explains how her MIL refuses to eat her Thanksgiving cooking.
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The user further explains how her mother-in-law was being insensitive, and asks who is in the wrong.
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She Explains That The MIL Is Simply Refusing To Eat Anything She Makes.

OP has spent a lot of time and effort getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner. But her husband told her that his mother (the MIL) isn't willing to try anything that OP is making, and will instead bring her own meal to eat. This angered OP, who felt offended and disrespected by the MIL. So, she decided to uninvite her MIL from the dinner. But now, after making her husband upset, she's wondering if that was the right move.

OP also shared the absolutely huge spread she's planning on serving, including turkey, pasta, lots of sides, and three different pies. From there, she wonders how there's nothing the MIL would be willing to try.

Most Users Agreed That The MIL Was Out Of Line.

Non-Americans weigh in on if this is rude or not.
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There are many Reddit users who don't live in America or don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But even they agree that bringing your own food to an event where food will be served is pretty rude unless you have dietary restrictions. But even then, you can always talk to the host about accommodations.

However, Many Believed That Uninviting The MIL Was Also Wrong.

Some users felt that uninviting MIL was unnecessarily mean.
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For some, while the mother-in-law was in the wrong for deciding to bring her own food, OP was also in the wrong for uninviting her. All that may do is cause drama and negativity, which could overshadow all the amazing food OP is planning on making.

Many Users Suggested That OP Invite Her MIL Anyway.

Users suggested that OP kill her MIL with kindness.
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Some users suggested that OP kill her MIL with kindness, and make the MIL feel bad for bringing her own food to the dinner. Sometimes, taking the high road is worth it in the end.