Cute Pomeranian Who Loves Playing Dead Wins the Internet

Sarah Kester
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Forget man's best friend. Some dogs are man's laziest friend!

This is the case with an adorable pomeranian dog named Leo. Whenever he doesn't feel like walking anymore, he just "plays dead," much to the dismay of his owners, Jess and Nick.

In the end, there's only one way to get him up from his antics. Can you guess what that is?

A Tiny Pomeranian Named Leo

Leo playing dead with a friend
youtube | The Dodo

Leo has gone viral for taking the game of "playing dead" to a whole new level. In a video for The Dodo, his owners, Jess and Nick, said that he will play dead in the middle of his walks almost every day.

"When Lord Leo doesn't feel like walking, his legs lock up and down he goes," Jess explained while the clip showed Leo doing just that with his hind legs up in the air.

He's Been Compared to a Toddler Having a Meltdown

Leo gets many reactions from people passing by. This ranges from amusement at his antics to concern over whether he's okay to stopping and giving him belly rubs.

In the end, there's only one thing that gets him up.

If you said, treats, you're correct! What dog doesn't love them? "'Do you want a treat' will get Leo up from being comatose to being alert," Jess said.

Does playing dead work with humans, too? plays dead so we don't have to work

Leo Isn't the Only Troublemaker

Mike picking up Elsie
TikTok | @fovity_id

A golden retriever named Elsie went viral all over the world in 2020 for refusing to get up while out on a walk with her owner.

In several of the viral videos, Elsie was shown lying down on the pavement, refusing to move. Meanwhile, her owner, Mike Cook, tried everything he could to get her up.

"It went on for a few minutes and it was just so funny, we were in tears we just could not get over it," said Kayla, the woman who recorded the video.

We Thought It Was Just Cats Who Don't Listen!

After some of the videos of Elsie went viral, Mike provided insight into why his golden can be so hilariously stubborn.

"If she's not in the mood for walking, you're just not going anywhere," he told ABC News. "She'll just drop, play dead. There's nothing you can do. You've just got to do pretty much whatever the dog wants."

He went on to say that she's a really "moody" dog and that she won't do something that she doesn't want to do.