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Here's The Skincare Routine That Keeps Scarlett Johansson Ageless

Scarlett Johansson has always been a beauty, but since launching her skincare line, The Outset, her beauty has become more evident. The actress got into the skincare business in partnership with Kate Foster. She wanted the brand to be more than a celebrity business but embody beauty's true essence.

She meticulously chose the name without any indication that she was involved and kept the branding neutral for all gender spectrums.

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All Shades Of ScarJo

Fans noticed ScarJo gracefully aged since she came onto the entertainment scene, and one of them made a video showing her transformation from 2006 to 2022. Nothing much has changed since then as the Black Widow actress still turns heads on the red carpet no matter the hairstyle she wears - long, cropped, short, poufed, pixie, or sleeked.

A Little TikTok Fun

Despite being a serious business focused on doing things traditionally, the actress doesn't mind indulging in Gen Z technology like TikTok. She joined her CEO for a TikTok promo and reminded her that she was born ready for the moment. Foster promised fans via the caption that she'll convert the entrepreneur into a TikToker soon, and they're well on their way.

Johansson has a basic skincare routine which she embraced when making The Outset. Here's how she augments her natural beauty and maintains it.

ScarJo's Three-Step Routine - Cleanse, Prep, Moisturize

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Johansson said streamlining her skincare routine was the perfect solution to soothing her acne-prone skin and rejuvenating it.

Typical skincare products sold to cure skin problems contain harsh chemicals and acids. Johansson says it's essential to take breaks between using them to repair the skin barriers and help the skin recover.

Her typical streamlined routine includes cleansing, prepping, and moisturizing the skin. Per her Instagram post, the PREP Serum from The Outset is a good product for doing all three. ScarJo says it'll infuse moisture back into the skin and reduce irritation.

The exact routine is in the video below. It shows ScarJo cleansing with Micellar antioxidant (sometimes she does this twice daily.) Then she uses the Prep serum and seals it with nourishing Squalene moisturizer.

A Fan-Favorite Brand

The Outset is already a hit in the US and fans worldwide keep begging Johansson to expand shipping access outside the country. Last Summer, Cosmopolitan named the brand the "Favorite New Beauty Brand" based on 12,000+ votes from its readers.