Glen Powell And Joe Jonas Debate Who Is The Greatest '90s Heartthrob

Jordan Claes
A side-by-side capture of Glen Powell debating Joe Jonas.
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The '90s was a decade that throbbed. For 10 wonderful years, the '90s boasted and created some of the most recognizable and iconic Hollywood heartthrobs of all time.

Recently, Top Gun: Maverick star, Glen Powell, sat down with Joe Jonas for a friendly debate. The topic of which was, "Who is the Ultimate '90s Heartthrob" — Brad Pitt or John Stamos?

The First Category In Which Glen And Joe Debated Had To Do With Style And Personality.

Glen Powell sitting across the table, debating Joe Jonas for 'GQ'.
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Jonas made sure to mention how cool Brad Pitt looks sporting a pair of shades, and how he's one of the few male celebrities to have appeared on the cover of every fashion magazine currently in circulation.

When it came time for Glen to extoll upon the fashion virtues of John Stamos, he was quick to bring up the fact that John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) single-handedly made the leather jacket cool again. Not only that, but he did it while rocking one of TV's most impressive mullets.

Round Two All Boiled Down To Each Star's Body Of Work.

Jonas quickly begins listing off a slew of Brad Pitt's greatest films of the decade, including Legends of the Fall, Fight Club, and Se7en. He looks across the table and asks Powell rhetorically, "How many John Stamos movies can you name?"

Powell then pulls an UNO reverse card, claiming that although John may not have been a '90s movie star — there was never a more iconic '90s sitcom than Full House. The show was so impactful that it received its own spin-off series, Fuller House, more than two decades after being taken off the air.

In the 3rd And Final Round, Powell and Jonas Debated The Cultural Significance/Legacy Of Brad Pitt And John Stamos.

Seeking to claim victory once and for all, Jonas threw out the fact that Brad Pitt has won PEOPLE magazine's "Sexiest Man of the Year" award not just once, but twice. He also brought up how Brad is so iconic, that he can even get away with wearing a skirt.

With his back to the ropes, Powell began to debate how nobody in Hollywood has aged better than John Stamos — and he should know. As Scream Queens fans may very well remember, John and Glen had a very memorable shower scene together.

Lastly, Each Debator Was Given An Opportunity To Make Closing Arguments For Their Respective Candidate.

In summation, Jonas again extolled Brad's superstar status, his legendary film canon, as well as his philanthropic spirit — asserting that Brad Pitt was the man that he, and Powell, always wanted to be.

Appealing to our collective sense of nostalgia, Powell tries to reiterate how John Stamos is timeless and that simply by looking at his face, an entire generation is transported back to their childhood.

Both Joe and Glen did their respective '90s heartthrobs proudly. In the end, both debaters agreed to disagree, preferring to leave the question of "Stamos Vs. Pitt" open to interpretation.