Ryan Reynolds Shares Dance Practice With Will Ferrell For 'Spirited' Film

Ashley Hunte
Ryan Reynolds
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Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell have been gaining a lot of attention lately thanks to their new movie, Spirited. The film, which began streaming on Apple TV+ on November 18th, is a retelling of the classic tale, A Christmas Carol. It also happens to be a musical, full of song and dance numbers.

While Reynolds and Ferrell are both known for their comedic chops, they aren't exactly known for singing and dancing. Still, the pair were committed to putting on a great show for all audiences to enjoy this holiday season.

Earlier today, Reynolds posted a dance practice video to his Instagram account, showing just how hard the stars worked to make the film as magical as possible.

The Clip Shows Reynolds And Ferrell Dancing In A Practice Room.

Alongside some of the film's choreographers, the pair practice their dance moves. At one point in the video, you can hear Farrell shout as he messes up a move, but quickly regains his composure and gets back into the rhythm of the song. The duo continue dancing and singing along to parts of the song. They both genuinely look like they're enjoying themselves, despite being completely out of their elements.

By the end of the video, Reynolds nails a spinning move, which he celebrates by excitedly running around. All in all, it seems like the practice went well.

Alongside the video, Reynolds added a caption that reads, "You’ve got to be willing to be bad at something if you want to be… slightly less bad at it? Here’s Will and I proving that point!"

Fans React To The Dance Practice.

Other users compliment the stars' efforts.
instagram | @vancityreynolds

Within hours of the video being posted, it gained over 387 thousand views. Fans from all over commented to compliment the duo's dancing and tell some jokes as well. MCU star Xochitl Gomez even dropped by the comment section to tell everyone to watch Spirited when they can.

Gomez Isn't The Only Celebrity Who Had Kind Words To Say To Reynolds And Ferrell.

Many celebrities took to the comments, too.
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Other celebrities, including Terry Crews, Kerry Washington, and Ava DuVernay dropped by to compliment the stars' dancing, and commend them for their hard work in getting ready for the film. You have to admit, Reynolds and Ferrell's energy is pretty infectious.

Blake Lively Even Dropped A Comment On Her Husband's Post.

Blake Lively shared a hilarious comment on her husband's post.
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Lively, who is pregnant with the couple's fourth film, jokingly asked, "Can you get pregnant while pregnant??"

You can check out Spirited on Apple TV+ today!