Kate Beckinsale Shows Jimmy Fallon How She Looks In A Beard On 'Tonight Show'

Ashley Hunte
Kate Beckinsale
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You might remember Kate Beckinsale in movies like Pearl Harbor, Serendipity, and the Underworld series. And if you do, then you probably remember that she distinctly didn't have a beard. Seeing what Beckinsale would look like with facial hair, though, is something none of us were probably asking after. And yet, we have the answer.

Back in 2021, the Brit appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where her sense of humor took center stage. Flaunting her incredible looks, the 49-year-old decided to complete her ensemble with a moustache and beard wig. The results are... surprisingly amazing.

The Clip Of Beckinsale Donning The Facial Hair Made Its Way To TikTok

The Fallon Tonight TokTok channel posted the clip of Beckinsale playing around with facial hair during her July 2021 appearance on the show. The 37-second clip might seem short, but a lot of things end up happening.

First, Beckinsale begins with a moustache wig. "I'm not as good in just a moustache," she says as she begins to apply it. Fallon watches eagerly as she places the facial hair on herself. Fallon then pulls out a full beard wig, asking Beckinsale if she wants to try it out. And of course, the actress says yes, and puts the beard on her face to audience applause. "This is when you really see me come into my sexual element here," she continues.

Echoing the reactions of the audience members, Fallon states that Beckinsale "beautifully rocks a beard." He, like the rest of the audience, was completely shocked.

Fans Were Shocked And Amazed, Too

Fans react to Kate Beckinsale in a beard.
TikTok | @fallontonight

Many fans were more than a little confused by Beckinsale in a beard. Not just because she looked surprisingly good, but because she seemed to be a bit of an expert at actually putting the beard wig on her face to begin with.

It Probably Helps That The Beard Was So Realistic

Fans compliment Beckinsale's youthful appearance, as well as the fact that the beard wig was incredibly realistic.
TikTok | @fallontonight

As some commenters pointed out, the beard actually looked like it could be real, which probably helped to sell the whole look.

Beard or not, Beckinsale is definitely rocking her age-defying beauty.

And Commenters Weren't Shy About Giving The Celeb Plenty Of Compliments

More fans compliment Beckinsale's unreal appearance.
TikTok | @fallontonight

If there's one thing that pretty much anyone can agree on, it's the fact that Beckinsale looks amazing either way. But, like, shockingly good with a beard on. She definitely left a lot of fans confused in the comment section of the TikTok clip, that's for sure.

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