Lowe's Worker Goes Viral For Showing What She Looks Like Out of Uniform

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Construction Woman
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When you think of a Lowe's worker, what do you see?

Maybe someone in dirty clothes? A woman with her hair back and no makeup on? Tim Allen from Home Improvement?

Well, think again. A person in a Lowe's uniform can be attractive. This was proven by a woman on TikTok who's drawing all sorts of attention on the app, including from men who say that she makes them want to remodel their homes.

This Woman is 33-Year-Old Chantal Garcia.

Chantal in her Lowe's uniform
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In her viral TikTok video, the so-called Aisle Angel says this in a voiceover: “When they ask what you look like out of uniform."

The clip then showed her in her Lowe's uniform, which included a black graphic top underneath the signature red Lowe's vest. She had buttons all over it, including her nametag. She had makeup on and her hair was in a low pony.

Truthfully, she looked gorgeous and so not what people would expect a Lowe's employee to look like. Most people would imagine Bob the Builder or one of the guys on Home Improvement, toolbelt and all.

Next, Chantal Showed What She Looks Like Out of Uniform

Chantal out of uniform
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Spoiler alert: she's even more gorgeous! She shared a mirror selfie, which showed off her toned body in a crop top and black pants. Her hair was in a pony and she had a face full of makeup.

In other selfies, she had a revealing shirt on and curly hair, as well as a dress that showed off her curves. The last video showed her in a brown leather jacket, a white top, and high-waisted jeans. Her hair was big and voluminous, like a Victoria's Secret angel and she had large hoop earrings on.

Chantal's Transformation Drew the Attention of Many Viewers

"You're absolutely gorgeous both in and out of uniform," one person commented. Many people, particularly men, were taken by her beauty, both in and out of uniform.

In addition to calling her "perfection" and an "absolute angel," they wrote that they wouldn't mind bumping into her in the aisles of Lowe's.

Some Even Want to Remodel Their Homes Because of Her

Chantal in a brown jacket
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Not gonna lie I'd be remodeling everything in my home just to come see you at work,” one man wrote, while another added, “[At] least my home would look amazing just like you.”

She was even called the reason why people shop at Lowes, which prompted some to call on the company to give her a raise!