Woman Says That Popeyes Employee Stole Her Credit Card Information

Sarah Kester
Debit card on laptop
Unsplash | CardMapr.nl

Fast food restaurants are a place where people should feel safe.

They are serving delicious comfort food, after all. But one woman was feeling the opposite of safe recently when her order came with a side of bank fraud.

Since going through the ordeal, she took to TikTok to warn other customers about this potential new scam going around.

This Scary Story Was Shared By TikToker Shanice Campbell (@shanice_campbell0)

Shanice pointing to restaurant
TikTok | @shanice_campbell0

She shared her story in response to another TikTok creator who had gone through something similar.

“A month ago, I went to Popeye’s after I got off work because everybody was saying they wanted something to eat," she began in her viral video, which has now been viewed more than 147k times.

She Explained That the Cashier Was Taking A Long Time With Her Credit Card

Shanice gave the worker the benefit of the doubt by telling herself that they are overworked and understaffed.

"I'm like maybe it’s me just being paranoid, so I’m like OK, whatever,” she said in the video. “So, she gave me my card back. I pull off. I park on the side. I lock my card."

Since she banks with the Bank of America, she was able to lock her card in the app.

It's a good thing she did since someone tried to use her card several times the next day.

She Says That One of the Workers Tried to Use Her Card on Cash App Several Times

Person using debit card
Unsplash | Giovanni Gagliardi

"If it don’t work the first time or the second time, why would you try a third or fourth time? That’s dumb,” she said.

Not one to play with thieves, she raced on over to that same location and asked to speak to the manager. She told them that someone had taken a picture of her card and was trying to use it on Cash App.

The manager looked at her in confusion. When she asked them to check the cameras, they gave her the runaround. This prompted Shanice to leave a bad review and to share her story online.

People in the Comments Were Shocked

"I just locked my card, because I just used it at the drive thru about an hour ago. I’m doing this from now on. Thank you," one wrote.

Another joked that she would only have enough money on her card for a food combo.

Meanwhile, others encouraged Shanice to call the police, file a report, and make the restaurant check the camera footage.