Mom Explains How Husband's 'Hurtful Helping' Took Away From Her Break

Ashley Hunte
Rebecca explains how her husband's "helping" made things worse.
TikTok | @rebecacraig47

Unless you have kids, you'll never really understand what it's like to take care of one. Trying to calm a baby that gets fussy and cries constantly can be incredibly overwhelming. Being overwhelmed can be dangerous, as the frustration caused by holding a fussy baby could lead to you shaking them, which can cause the shaken baby syndrome.

The best way to protect your babies when you're feeling overwhelmed is to just walk away. But in August, mom and TikToker Rebecca Craig (@rebeccacraig47) shared a moment where, thanks to what she calls her husband's "hurtful helping," she wasn't allowed the moment to calm down.

Rebecca Explains What Happened In The Short Clip.

The TikTok, which is under a minute long, shows Rebecca eating lunch while she tells her story.

"I got overwhelmed, so I did the right thing and I put my ten-month-old in his crib," she says. She then talks about how she went downstairs to eat her lunch, hoping to use the five-or-so minutes to calm herself down enough to deal with her crying baby later.

But then, as Rebecca explains, she'd barely had a couple of minutes to herself before her husband came down to ask why the baby was crying. Rebecca explains to him that she needed a break, and her husband decides to go get the baby.

The husband brings the baby down and tries to hand him to Rebecca. "I hadn't even finished eating my one bowl of curry," she says. "And that's an example of what I like to call hurtful helping."

Other Commenters Sympathize With Rebecca.

Users sympathize with Rebecca, and believe she did the right thing.
TikTok | @rebeccacraig47

Many commenters echoed the sentiment that "crying babies don't hurt anyone, but an overwhelmed parent could." While it's important for Rebecca to be present as a parent, it's also important for her to know her limits and make sure she isn't at risk of hurting her baby by shaking him out of frustration.

Many Commenters Were Mad At The Husband On Rebecca's Behalf.

Others talk about how the husband was wrong, and share similar experiences of their own.
TikTok | @rebeccacraig47

The husband thought he was helping but actually did more damage at the time. Many commenters pointed out how he could be doing more to help when Rebecca does get overwhelmed, which is bound to happen from time to time.

As Many Commenters Agreed, It's Important To Step Away When You Get Overwhelmed.

Others shared why it's important to take breaks when you get overwhelmed.
TikTok | @rebeccacraig47

One user shared how her baby was shaken by someone who got frustrated. Shaken baby syndrome is a real and serious condition in which a baby suffers bruising or bleeding of the brain caused by being shaken. It mainly happens when a baby is shaken by a frustrated adult and can cause serious brain damage. That's why it's so important for any frustrated adult to step away from a crying baby.

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