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Inside Tom Brady's Life Post-Gisele Bundchen Split - Who Will Be His Next Romantic Partner?

Tom Brady is officially back in the bachelor's fold and is once again an eligible catch in the world of celebrities. It is safe to say that the sports star might be getting ready to search through the dating pool again. Especially with the news that his former partner, Gisele Bundchen has possibly moved on romantically. Over the years, Brady has been known for his high-profile relationships, including star actress, Bridget Moynahan with whom he welcomed his first child. Bundchen was his next lover, and that looked like it would last a lifetime, as they were together for a long time.

However, the build-up of their marriage, messy marital woes, and the eventual split could be an indicator that Brady will soon be exploring his high-profile taste, for the next woman to take over this bachelor pad.

Who Could Be Brady's Potential Partner?

Judging from his earlier relationships, and his pick among actresses and models, Brady might be looking to explore his options within these professions again. Stars like Adriana Lima, Alessandria Ambrosio, and the newly-single Shakira might just be his next catch. All in their forties, these women have carved iconic niches for themselves in their field of work and earned their rightful places in the celebrity world.

Who Are The Stars Mentioned Earlier?

Lima is a 41-year-old Brazillian model, a similarity to Brady's ex, Bundchen. Lima who is 5 feet 8, has three kids like Brady and has been divorced since 2016. Shakira's longtime relationship with the football star, Gerard Pique came to an end this year, just like Brady's. The music star has two children and is the same age as Brady. Alessandria Ambrioso is another Hollywood belle that could captivate the NFL star. Ambrosio is a stunning beauty, and at the age of 41, is a single mom of two.

Brady Is Getting Attention

Leading up to his and Bundchen's divorce, Brady has been getting attention from media influencers and other stars. The Super Bowl champion has caught the eye of many celebrities, who have expressed their desires. Playboy star Sara Blake spoke to The New York Post noting jovially that she would seek permission from her spouse "for a hall pass." The model hilariously shared her approach noting Brady's chiseled jawline, and achievement as the greatest quarterback of all time.

More Stars Expressed Interest

Brazillian Model Mayara Lopes relayed that she would take on a different approach regarding Brady. The star relayed that she would make sure to make eye contact with the 45-year-old and try to hold it. She added that if he gave the slightest hint of interest, she would then make her move. Even as it is clear that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers champion is getting attention, he seems to be more focused on his career, and the aftermath of his divorce.