'I Told My Son That Racist Jokes Were Completely Unacceptable': Mother Makes Her Son Apologize After Making A Racist Joke

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This mother on Reddit showed the best parenting style after her thirteen-year-old son made a rude racist joke; still, she wanted to know if she was wrong for how she punished him. Even though it started as a joke, this kid shouldn't be acting this way again soon.

The OP explains that one night the family decided to order Chinese food. Her daughter took the cat upstairs because he likes to steal food, but when she opened the door to the delivery guy, her son shouted that they should keep the cat away from him.

She was very embarrassed by the situation, and the delivery man was highly upset about the comment. The woman immediately apologized and told her son why he shouldn't do that, yet, he refused to see his mistake or admit that he was wrong.

Then, she decided to make him write an apology to the driver. So she took him to the restaurant the next day and made him read the letter out loud, along with a paper about Chinese culture and why racism and stereotypes are wrong.

She added that the driver was pleased about the apology and told him about different situations where he had to face racist comments and jokes that had made him incredibly uncomfortable.

At the end of the post, the OP states that she won't stand any hateful comments or jokes and that her son should be embarrassed because of how he acted but hopes that he has learned his lesson after talking with the driver.

The Driver Told Him About The Racism He Faced Daily

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Was She Overreacting?

After reflecting and talking to her husband, she wondered if she overreacted with the punishment. Her husband told her it was just a joke and that the crime didn't fit the sentence; still, she stands by her decision and believes she did the right thing.

Users let her know that she was a good parent and that her husband should think about it better because it isn't good to condone this type of joke or behavior. They affirmed that teaching him this lesson while still young rather than letting him grow as a racist man is better.

Some commenters shared their experience with racism, explaining that even the slightest joke can be harmful and has caused trauma after living it daily. Overall, they believe this is the best way to cut this problem from the root.

Racist Jokes Shouldn't Be Taking Lightly

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The Husband Should Learn About This Situation

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