Strict Rules Ivanka Trump's Children Must Follow To Maintain Perfection

Chisom Ndianefo
Ivanka Trump
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Growing up in the public eye is never easy. Just ask Ivanka Trump, who went from being a billionaire's daughter to the First Daughter of the United States of America. Both positions brought scrutiny into her life, especially the latter.

If she appears perfect, that's because Ivanka strives for perfection and requires the same from her family. After marrying Jared Kushner in 2009, the now-41-year-old businesswoman birthed three beautiful children.

Cue in compulsory public appearances as a family despite being children, and Ivanka had to develop strict rules for her three children to abide by. Ivanka's children, Arabella (10), Joseph (8), and Theodore (5), have strict rules to ensure they develop well all around, from health to socialization.

Here are some of those rules.

Two Meals For Breakfast Always

The Kushner children live on a strict diet, especially with their breakfast, to avoid "wasting mental energy" on the famous dilemma, "what should we eat." For the little trio, there are only two options Greek Yogurt or Oatmeal.

Ivanka spruces things up by mixing Greek Yogurt with Berries or oatmeal with toppings from nuts to fruits. Later in the day, they switch things up with other food and save the special meals for celebrations.

The Children Are Practicing Jews

Before gaining her in-laws' approval to marry Kushner, Ivanka converted to orthodox Judaism and instilled tenets of the faith in her children. They practice Sabbath and Hanukkah, as seen on her Instagram feed.

The family has a strict "no-phone policy" on Saturdays as it's time for them to bond as a unit after observing Sabbath on Friday. Trump and her husband turn off their phones from Sabbath day until Sunday.

One of those bonding moments includes cooking dinner with her children. Ivanka said there's hardly a commitment on Sunday for her and Kushner as their associates know the weekend is sacred for them.

Developing Life And Social Skills

Ivanka Trump''s children entering the White House with their grandfather Donald Trump
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All three children develop social skills typical to the elite, from ballet, piano, and Mandarin lessons for Arabella to etiquette classes for all three to learn good manners. They attend private Hebrew schools in Washington.

When they're not schooling, Ivanka takes her children outside to develop more skills like skiing, gardening, swinging, and sledding.

Mom And Children's Time Is Non-Negotiable

Ivanka also ensures her children spend time with her by waking up two hours ahead of them to take care of herself. She plans book dates with Arabella and reads at least two books with the eight-year-old daily. For Theo, she fed him thrice in childhood and played cars with Joseph.