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'Now That I Have Children, I'm Kind Of Extreme' - Eva Mendes On Parenting

Eva Mendes has always been clear about keeping her relationship with Ryan Gosling private despite being in the public eye due to their careers. While speaking to Entertainment Tonight post-quarantine, the actress referenced the point and explained why parenting made her extreme and took a break from acting.

Gosling also shared some information on his family life during a British GQ interview in January. He spoke about acting with his wife during quarantine and entertaining his daughters Amada and Esmeralda.

Being An Extreme Mom

Mendes took a notable break from Hollywood following the birth of her girls, but she says it's not for life. Acting would always be her first love, but her commitment to being a good mother keeps her from doing certain things.

"Like I won't do most of the movies I've done in the past... I don't want to do anything too violent and of course I don't want to do anything too sexual..."

The actress' primary concern is protecting her children, so she believes acting for Disney (which is child-friendly) is the only option left.

Sticking To Disney Movies

The actress is sticking to her promise to act in kid-friendly movies. Mendes last appeared in any major film in 2014, when she starred in her partner's directorial debut, Lost River. She resurfaced again in a voice role last year for a kid's animated series, Bluey.

She recently moved to Australia with Gosling and is raising her children while the actor films The Fall Guy. The move hasn't affected their family dynamic, thanks to a concerted effort from the duo.

Moving To Australia

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Mendes told Daily Mail that it's nice to do ordinary things with her family, especially because her daughters are still young - 8 and 6. They want to visit the park, they want to go trick or treating, want their parents in their schools, and she wants to do it all.

The actress said they're planning Thanksgiving celebrations and later Christmas, so it's a lot right now. A recent Instagram post has fans suspecting Gosling and Mendes married secretly sometime between last year and this one.

A Secret Marriage?

Mendes posted a simple picture of herself in a casual sleeveless top and hair scarf with her hand held over her face, but the new tattoo caught many people's eyes. She revealed that it's not new, although people are seeing it for the first time.

When the interviewer asked Mendes about it, she replied,

"But who says we weren't already? like to keep it all mysterious."

The couple have been together since 2011.