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Theo James Opens Up About 'Full Frontal' Scene From 'The White Lotus' Season Two

In The White Lotus Season Two, Theo James is all Twitter can talk about, thanks to the almost "full-frontal" scene in its first episode. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the location could've been more raunchy, but the directors scaled it back.

The White Lotus is a limited television series distributed exclusively by HBO. It made waves with its first season last year with an ensemble cast of Alexandra Daddario, Murray Bartlett, Jennifer Coolidge, and Sydney Sweeney.

The show won big at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, including a first-time award for Coolidge, who returned for the second season. She's the only castmate in both seasons.

What Happened In The Scene?

The scene in question features Cameron (James), who's on a double date vacation with his wife, Daphne (Meghan Fahy), and friends, Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan (Will Sharpe), flashing Harper.

Harper took Cameron into the room she shared with Ethan to change into the latter's swimming trunks because his luggage didn't arrive. While changing, he gave her an eyeful of his privates, leading to an awkward moment.

The couple later experience a complicated relationship following a wild night of partying with escorts and Cameron sleeping with one of them.

It's A Mike White Thing

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James revealed that the flashing moment was almost more than a sneak peek in a classic Mike White moment. Fans fully viewed Mark's (Steve Zahn) privates when he examined them for potential cancer moles.

"What he does is — this is Mike's writing — he treads the boundary of how calculated that was, or was it just easy-breezy?"

The actor said it's a Mike White thing, sneaking such scenes into the series, thus walking the fine line of morality, coincidence and calculation. That scene had Cameron removing his shorts carelessly, so we never honestly know if he intended Harper to see his nakedness.

He added that they shot two scenes - one with a full-frontal and the other with the side view - then decided to keep the latter.

Changing Dynamics Due To The Pilot Scene

According to the actors, that scene set the tone for the story's arc until the season's end. Plaza said Harper felt manipulated by Cameron's behavior because she didn't know how to react to that flashing.

The series is currently on its third episode, which was chaotic! Cameron and Ethan had a night out without the wives leading to Cameron having sex with one of the escorts in Ethan's room. We suspect the following episodes would feature Harper finding evidence and misinterpreting it to mean her husband cheated on her.

We don't know if Ethan would cover for his friend or reveal the truth to save his marriage.

Fahy's Thoughts On The Foursome

Fahy explained that because of the difference, Cameron and Daphne's relationship challenges Ethan and Harper's idea of relationships. She believes it's a concerted effort between Daphne and Cameron to suck the other couple into their way of thinking.

The games and manipulation are regular for the former couple, while the latter couple struggles with their identity and decides to change or retain their dynamic.

"I think they're also not unaware of how it's affecting the other couple."

The next episode streams this Sunday, so tune in for more juicy details.