'How'd I Not Know This?' - Miley Cyrus Was Disappointed Knowing Meghan Trainor Wasn't In High School Musical

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The internet is the home to complete information, but that also leaves room for falsehood to spread, especially on Twitter. Six years ago, one user started a rumor that Meghan Trainor was Martha in High School Musicalsending everyone on a wild goose chase, including Miley Cyrus.

Like many people on the social media platform, the singer fell for the lie, and it was easy to consider Trainor looked like Kaycee Stroh, the actress who embodied the character. Now that they're both older, it's easy to see the difference in their features.

Eventually, Cyrus discovered the error, but that disappointed her more than not knowing "Trainor was in the classic teen movie franchise."

Why Did People Mistake Them For Each Other?

"Wtf is life and memes this isn't even true and my heart is slightly broken!!!!!"

Cyrus learned five hours after her post that the meme was a sarcastic joke, yet the discovery hurt her more than her initial mistake. A closer look at the two stars shows a noticeable difference in their facial structures showing Stroh's older lines.

The actress acknowledged that it was a common mistake and wished she could get a picture with Trainor to avoid future confusion.

Stroh Handles The Mix-Up Like A Champ

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The resemblance between Stroh and Trainor comes from their similar pointed-down noses, eyes like slits, thin lips, and fair complexions. Beyond those, there are not many similarities, but the internet was unforgiving then.

Cyrus went through some troll attacks for mixing the celebrities up. They couldn't believe the then-23-year-old had made such a mistake. Since she deleted the post, Stroh laughed at the situation instead of getting offended.

She shared old pictures of herself with the Disney star saying she still loves Miley despite the mistake. We take it Stroh expected the star to know better; however, her caption suggests she knew it was a joke but chose to play along. Later, fans pointed out that Cyrus updated the caption and fell for the trick in the first instance.

Staying Away From Controversies

Cyrus turns 30 this year, and life's changed since that infamous incident. The actress/singer is still as vocal about controversial issues but does her best to stay out of the drama. She reduced her social media presence, much to the dismay of her 187 million followers.

Her posts are mostly business-related, from musical tours to tribute concerts and Gucci campaigns. Cyrus' last personal post was in the summer when she traveled to the tropics for a vacation.

Where Are Trainor And Stroh Now?

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As for Stroh and Trainor, the former is married with two children and joined the reboot TV series High School Musical in 2019, while the latter is still releasing music. There's no movie credit for Trainor, but she also got married in 2018 and has one child.

Trainor's discography is impressive, although Stroh hasn't acted in many movies outside the High School Musical/Disney franchise. The 28-year-old singer is currently charting on the Billboard Hot 100 with her comeback single, Made You Look, which is a nostalgic 2000s Pop vibe. Check out the video below.