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Noa Kirel Sets The Internet Ablaze With Kanye-Printed MTV EMA Outfit

Israeli popstar Noa Kirel sent the internet into a frenzy with her MTV EMAs outfit bearing Kanye "Ye" West's face all over! She claimed it was a reaction to his comments anti-Semitic comments.

"As a woman, as a young artist and as a Jew, I just had to react."

As a Jewish singer, Kirel felt it was necessary to react because the things Ye said hit her as a young artist, woman, and Jew. When Variety asked if it was a big "f**k you" to the rapper, she replied in the affirmative.

Since her bold statement, fans' interest in the 21-year-old has piqued, so here's everything you need to know about Kirel, the Israeli pop star.

A Fashion Statement Against Ye

The outfit in question showed Kirel in a two-piece leather set of loose-fitted pants and a cropped collared top. She heavily accessorized it with a gold chain, including a multi-layered belt and illusions hanging from Ye's neck through his photos on the outfit.

Ye's face also covered Kirel's leather gloves reaching up to her shoulders and joining her top with gold chain links. In a shady moment, the singer mentioned Ye's nemesis, Taylor Swift, liked her ensemble.

If you don't remember, Swift and Ye have been at odds since the infamous MTV VMAs event in 2009 when the rapper stole her moment for winning Video of the Year.

Who Is Noa Kirel?

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Kirel is an Israeli pop star who won the Israeli act of the year award at the EMAs consecutively between 2017 and 2021. She started her career at 14 with the release of her song, Killer, in 2015.

Despite the video going viral, Kirel faced backlash for its sexual overtones considering her teenage status. Unsurprisingly, she joined the IDF when she came of age but took a break to further her career.

During one of these breaks, she ventured into Hollywood after becoming a teen sensation in Israel and promises we'll see her in theaters soon.

Keeping Fit With Puma

Kirel keeps fit, as her 1.3 million Instagram followers know so well, despite living with one kidney. The singer joined Puma Israel as an ambassador and continues promoting its sportswear line.

In a recent share, she showed off her toned abs pre-workout in an animal-printed black set - a sports top and leggings. It was also one of the moments she showed off her bare face as she wrapped her full brown hair into a bun.

When asked about joining the military with her health condition, Kirel said she fought for the privilege. She wanted to encourage young Israeli girls to enlist like her, so she did it.

Becoming A Global Superstar

Kirel's single, Please Don't Suck, is out now, and it's her biggest international pop hit. This song is different because it's Kirel's first English single, and hitting a double-digit streaming mark is a huge deal. The music video has about 26 million views on YouTube.

She's since released other music, including Thought About That this January, and Lucky as a featured artist with German duo Jubël. Kirel is coming for global domination if she keeps this pace.