At one point in time, Haley managed to work 4 remote jobs to make $60/hour.
TikTok | @haley.hustles

TikToker Says She Makes $60 Per Hour By Working 4 Remote Jobs At Once

For many workers, having the ability to work remotely is huge. Not having to pay for transit, being able to live further away from major cities, and having more time to take care of family are just some of the perks.

But with that kind of flexibility, more and more people are becoming "overemployed," which basically means they're working multiple jobs at once without their employers knowing. It's actually a whole phenomenon that's been taking the tech industry by storm throughout the pandemic. A Vanity Fair article discusses how there's an active Subreddit for the "overemployed."

One TikToker posted a video in which she talks about being able to work four remote jobs at once, which nets her $60 an hour.

The User, Who Goes by Haley, Posted the Video Earlier This Month

"When your elders keep telling you to ‘get a real job’ because remote jobs are going to be outsourced but you can literally work 4 remote jobs at the same time & make $60 an hour," she writes in the caption within the video. While Haley did later post that she no longer works 4 jobs, the TikTok still remained viral. Since its upload, it's been viewed over 250 thousand times, with commenters looking for ways they can get in on that kind of cash.

Other users reacted to Haley's TikToks

Users talk about the perks of remote work.
TikTok | @haley.hustles

Some users discussed how they work remotely and how it's going incredibly well for them. While plenty of people still see remote work as a "fad," it's definitely here to stay and only bound to get more and more common.

Others Joked About How There’s No Way They Could Land Just One Job, Let Alone Four

Users discuss balancing more than one job.
TikTok | @haley.hustles

Some joked about how they can't find a remote job, while others thought about how smart it is to work multiple jobs if you can.

Either way, users were looking for tips in order to get these kinds of jobs.

Luckily for Them, Haley’s TikTok Account Is Full of Tips for Getting Good-Paying Remote Work

Her account (@haley.hustles) focuses on giving tips on how to tailor a resume to make it appealing to remote work employers.

In one video, she discusses how to word experience on your resume in order to get a remote data entry job. The TikTok, which was uploaded in October, has nearly 1 million views.

Users Were Amazed With How Easy Haley Made It Sound

Commenters discuss landing a data entry job.
TikTok | @haley.hustles

It sounds like Haley has a lot of wisdom to give people looking for data entry jobs.

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