Cat sniffing newborn baby
TikTok | @caydencazier

Cat Has Dramatic Reaction to Meeting New Baby Sister

As sweet as a newborn baby is, bringing the child home for the first time doesn't always go as planned.

There could be older children who aren't happy about having a new sibling. It means that they aren't the only baby in the family anymore.

They might cry, throw a temper tantrum, or storm out.

Or, they might do what this cat did when meeting her new baby sister for the first time and throw up!

The Viral Video Was Shared by @caydencazier on TikTok

Black and white cat
Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

The video showed an adorable ragdoll kitty going up to sniff an equally adorable newborn baby on the floor.

After the cat sniffed the child, it ran off. With the owner following close behind with the camera, they captured the cat eventually stopping and throwing up.

Welp, That Didn't Go As Planned!

Cat puking
TikTok | @caydencazier

It's hard to say what set the cat's stomach off. Was it that new baby smell (not much different than a new car smell)? Did the baby smell a little cheesy? Retched? Who knows, all we know is that the cat clearly didn't like the smell of a newborn baby.

Hopefully, the baby won't take it personally when they're old enough to watch the video and understand.

Cats have sensitive stomachs; it's why they often throw up their food and hairballs. Now if they could just learn to do it on the floor and not the carpet, that would be great.

Viewers Found the First Meeting Completely Hilarious.

“Immediately no," one wrote with a laughing emoji. "cats are so DRAMATIC. I love it," added a second.

Another user had a theory as to why the cat felt the need to puke: "The cat probably smelt a full diaper." That would probably get us to hurl as well!

Many users gave props to the cat for going to the other room to puke. "The fact that he immediately knew the cat was gonna throw up is SENDING MEEEEEEE," a viewer commented.

"To be fair she tried to be nice about it and leave the room but she even looked back like oh you really want to see this happen? Ok," another wrote.

Maybe the Cat is Worried Sick?

Now she has a tiny human to look after! Some users shared similar stories of their reactions to meeting their new siblings.

"I had the same reaction to my siblings v understandable," a user wrote, with another writing, "What a way to protest."