Tweets For Anyone (And Everyone) Who Finds 'The White Lotus' Season 2 Cast Irresistible

Jordan Claes
Aubrey Plaza walking the streets of Italy in 'White Lotus'.

HBO's The White Lotus is quickly becoming the most-watched new series on television, thanks in no small part to the incredible writing, alluring storylines, and of course — the fact that the cast is so gosh darn good-looking!

Sure, a pretty face (or a six-pack of abs) can't make a show successful on its own, but it's not as if it shoos viewers away, either. With that being said, have a look below at this collection of tweets for anyone and everyone who finds The White Lotus Season 2 cast irresistible.

Tasty Puns Make For Delectable Scenery

Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to grown men feeding each other olives, but is the toothpick really necessary?

I Suppose So. I Mean... If We Have To

There does seem to be an abundance of topless male nudity this season. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's just an observation.

Who Needs Thoughts?

I've loved Aubrey Plaza ever since I first saw her in Parks and Recreation. My mind draws a blank whenever I look at her.

Is It Inappropriate To Start A Slow Clap?

No offense to the women of The White Lotus, who of course are beautiful in their own right, but boy are there some sexy men this year.

Empty Threats And Broken Promises

I feel like Daphne and Harper could lead their own movie. Kind of like a modern-day Thelma & Louise, except with more sex.

La Petit Mort

Alfred Hitchcock used to say that everyone enjoys a good murder, so long as they themselves aren't the victim. I never understood that until now.

Sure You Do (Wink, Wink). So Do I (Wink).

What a riot. People who say they watch The White Lotus for the plot are the same ones who used to claim to read Playboy for the articles.

The Moment That We All Were Waiting For

I don't applaud calling anyone a whore, but the reference to Black Swan really is top-notch.

This Works On So Many Levels.

I bet that Dorit Kemsley is the kind of person who watches The White Lotus with the Italian subtitles turned on and then walks around wondering what happened after each episode.

They Say That Acting Is Reacting

It's an actor's self-control that I find the most impressive when I watch them on screen. Like, how do you keep your hands to yourself?

The Sound Of My Soul Leaving My Body

Theo James
Shutterstock | 842245

All it would take is one sideways glance and I would be a total goner. I wouldn't even fight it.

Creepy But Understandable

I am almost positive that Aubrey Plaza is more than accustomed to having the eyes of an entire crowd on her. The woman could stop traffic in the middle of Times Square.

Did Somebody Say, "Abs"?

Will Sharpe has the body of Christian Bale in Batman Begins. The guy is so jacked that he looks as if he was carved from a block of marble.

You See What You Want To See

He's only that way because he's been waiting for you his entire life to change him into the man he was always meant to be.

Where The 'Wild Things' Are

All I am saying is that this same exact scene did wonders for the careers of Denise Richards and Neve Campbell; food for thought.