Man's Parents Refuse To Attend Wedding Because Of DNA Test, So He Hangs The Results Up On His Wall

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In a perfect world, every parent would love their kids' future partners. But not all parents are as open-minded or willing to accept new people into the family as we'd usually like to admit.

One Reddit user learned that his parents were refusing to come to his wedding because they didn't like his wife and her profession, and were convinced that the child she was carrying wasn't related to them. Drama ensued, and now the user is wondering if he was in the wrong for proudly displaying his son's DNA test results in the living room.

Naturally, he went to Reddit's Am I The Asshole sub to get answers.

The User, Who Is Using a Throwaway Account, Told His Story to the Reddit Community

The user's story, including why they had the DNA test done on his son.
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OP’s Story Talks About How He Met His Wife and How They’ve Only Been Married for 9 Months

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But his wife became pregnant while they were still engaged. Because she was formerly a sex worker, OP's parents were immediately suspicious and believed the child might not have been his.

The parents demanded a DNA test or else they wouldn't go to the wedding, and OP and his wife agreed to do it. But the parents did not go because the results didn't come in until after the wedding.

OP decided to hang the results of his son's DNA test in their living room to remind him why his parents didn't go to his wedding. When the parents noticed, they got angry and began accusing OP of being too harsh and unable to let go of the past. But OP refused to take the results down and asked Reddit if he was in the wrong for having them up in the first place.

Users Weighed In and Most Thought That OP Wasn’t Wrong for His Actions

Commenters discuss how OP could be even pettier in this situation.
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Of course, most people thought that he was being petty. But in this case, they believed his pettiness was warranted because his parents didn't attend a major life event over their biases against his wife's former line of work.

Others Pointed Out the Hypocrisy the Parents Were Displaying

Users point out the parents' hypocrisy.
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The parents were mad at OP for not letting go of the past, but they couldn't let go of his wife's past and tried to use it against her. For that reason, plenty of commenters felt that the parents were acting hypocritical.

There Were Some Who Thought It Might Be Inappropriate To Keep the Results Up When the Son Gets Older

Some thought they'd have to remove the results before the kid began asking about it.
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While many thought it could be a teaching moment for the son, many others thought it would raise many unnecessary questions. They believed that OP would probably have to take the test down at some point in the future.

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