Charlize Theron Stuns In A Topless Leather Jacket

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Charlize Theron
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Charlize Theron opened up about her new style of wearing less-sexualized clothing as a woman in a recent interview, but we miss the days of her daring fashion statements. A fan account on Twitter shared an old picture of Theron from her W Magazine photoshoot in 2015 showing the actress in a topless leather jacket.

That was the era of Mad Max Fury Road, so we got many androgynous looks from the star. Let's take a trip down memory lane while we explore what changed.

Throwback To 2015

Theron wore long blonde hair, straight and tucked behind her ears, for the picture, thus keeping the focus on her outfits. The actress had two side-by-side shots, both sultry in their way.

The first picture showed her in a two-piece leather outfit with a jacket showing off her topless cleavage and cropped pants. On the other hand, she served back-view curiosity in a one-piece bodysuit accentuating her slender figure and toned, long legs in stiletto court pumps.

Her pictures have garnered over one thousand likes on Twitter, with fans wondering what's changed.

'When I Started Started Out, That Was Just Kind Of The Norm'

The answer came from Theron's Harper's Bazaar interview, where she discussed agency over fashion and style in Hollywood. As a young actress, she had no say in choosing her wardrobe and realized most male directors preferred to sexualize women on screen regardless of their roles.

"And it was just so obvious that it was to do with my sexuality and how f**kable they could make me in the movie."

Now that she's older with a definitive voice in the industry, Theron chooses to wear what she likes, which is mostly tomboy clothing. That's not to say she doesn't have moments where she embraces her femininity, as seen on her social media.

Stripping Down For J'Adore

During a campaign for Dior Beauty, Theron went nude to emphasize the beauty of a gold choker necklace designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. She nurtured a J'adore Parfum d'eau bottle in her hands while staring intently at the camera.

Theron dug deeper into "a suspended moment of pleasure" for the campaign as she dipped in a scented bathtub teasing parts of her naked body. Like her body, the perfume bottle wears a gold neckpiece attached to the cover.

Choosing Influential Movies Only

Theron's self-discovery seeped into her movie choices as she picked productions based on how she'd like her children to see her. Her latest movie, The School for Good and Evil, is child-friendly and teaches fundamental values of love and friendship, while The Old Guard 2 touches on loyalty, friendship, and some kick-a** action sequences!