Brendan Fraser Will Not Attend The 2023 Golden Globes If Nominated

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Brendan Fraser
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Brendan Fraser revealed he will not attend the 2023 Golden Globes award. Although the nominees are unknown, Fraser revealed he will not attend if nominated. The Canadian-American actor shared the reason for his decision. 

Why Fraser Will Not Attend The 2023 Golden Globes

The Inkheart star revealed that he will not be present at the 2023 Golden Globes. The actor shared this was because of his history with Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Fraser bluntly said, "No, I will not participate." This deceleration follows the actor's allegation of sexual assault by the former HFPA president. Fraser shared that the organization did not offer an apology.

The actor shared the disturbing allegation in 2018. His allegation was directed toward Philip Berk, the former president of the organization behind the Golden Globes. After HFPA's investigation regarding the article at that time, they brushed it off "as a joke." Fraser at that time shared he knew the organization would get ahead of the story. Even after the allegation, Berk remained in the organization until 2021. That was when he described Black Lives Matter as a "racist hate movement." 

Fraser Speaks On The Sexual Allegation

The School Ties actor shared his thoughts on why his allegation failed to get the required attention and response. He shared that people did not want to become emotionally invested in the issue. The actor said the incident "made me retreat" and he felt he had lost something.

Although going public about the allegation was positive, it also made him feel exposed.

However, going public felt like a weight was lifted from him. A few years after the incident, the actor still feels uncomfortable discussing it; he's okay with it now because he can be recognized for his professional efforts. 

Fraser Breaks Down In Tears During Standing Ovation

Brendan Fraser
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The 53-year-old actor broke into emotional tears during a standing ovation at the Montclair Film Festival a few months ago. Per DailyMail, the festival was for the screening of his new movie, The Whale, in New Jersey. The movie marks his return to Hollywood after a long struggle with depression. Fraser had been battling with depression following the sexual allegation and health issues. 

The Whale is Fraser's first lead role since he acted in Breakout in 2013. The movie will be out on December 9th. Fraser had received a previous standing ovation last month at the London screening of the movie, during which he also broke down in tears. The same was seen as he fought back tears during the film's screening in Venice. 

About The Incidents Leading To Fraser's Absence

Fraser gained worldwide recognition for his role in George of the Jungle and The Mummy. The actor shared his injury experiences while filming the third installment of The Mummy. In 2018, Fraser revealed he sustained multiple injuries doing the stunts which required surgeries. The actor was in and out of hospital for surgeries for seven years.

Aside from his injuries, he believed he was blacklisted after claiming Berk groped and sexually assaulted him. The actor's marriage to Afton Smith all fell apart as they divorced in 2007 after nine years with three sons. The Whale marks his long-awaited comeback and may earn him several awards.