Woman Gets Twin To Model Wedding Dress Options

Ashley Hunte
Bride-to-be Jenn gets her sister LeeAnne to model her wedding dress for her.
TikTok | @wirth_twins

Imagine having an identical twin. An eternal partner in crime. Someone who can help you pull off a Parent Trap-level misadventure. Or, someone you can get to try on clothes for you when you want to see what they'll look like from different angles. In a viral TikTok, a set of twins did exactly that.

Jenn and LeeAnn Wirth are identical twins who both happen to be basketball players. They also have a pretty active TikTok account (@wirth_twins). Jenn, who is engaged to NBA player Corey Kispert, took LeeAnne on a wedding dress shopping trip. And she cleverly used her twin to find the perfect dress from every single angle.

Earlier This Month, the Twins Posted the Video to Their Account

"POV you make your twin try on wedding dresses at your appointment so you can see how they look on you from all the angles," text overlay reads overtop shots of LeeAnne in a gorgeous gown. The video only lasts for 5 seconds, but it's more than enough of a glimpse at the incredibly clever way the twins use the fact that they're identical to their advantage.

Since its initial upload at the beginning of November, the TikTok has been viewed over 4.5 million times and sports 344 thousand likes. Users flocked to the comments to talk about how insanely genius something like this is.

“Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions,” One Commenter Said

Commenters react to the Jenn's quick thinking.
TikTok | @wirth_twins

Many users complimented Jenn and LeeAnne's smart idea, while others joked about how much they regret not being a twin.

As it is, the chances of giving birth to identical twins are about 1 in 250. It's also unknown what exactly causes identical twins to form in the womb, as per the NHS in the UK. So, if you happen to be an identical twin, congrats! If not, don't be too hard on your mom for dropping the ball there.

It Just So Happens That This Kind of Thing Is Something Twins Do All the Time

Some people shared the other things they get their twins to do with them.
TikTok | @wirth_twins

Multiple users commented on the TikTok, sharing how they use their twins to go clothes shopping and other things like trying out different hairstyles. I guess it's something you can really only do if you were lucky enough to be born with an identical twin. The rest of us would probably never even think about it.

While This Was a Cool Idea, Some Users Felt Jenn Should’ve Still Tried On Her Own Dresses

But others had to remind Jenn that knowing how the dress felt was important.
TikTok | @wirth_twins

A few commenters felt that Jenn should be trying on her own dresses because knowing how the fabric feels against your skin is just as important as knowing how the whole thing will look on you. Luckily, Jenn replied to some of the comments, assuring all of us that she did, in fact, try on her own dresses before sending them off to her sister. After all, if you have the ability to know what they're going to look like from different angles, why wouldn't you take that up?

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