Gisele Bundchen Once Shared A Jiu-Jitsu Clip Of Joaquim Valente And Tom Brady Liked It

Ashabi Azeez
Gisele Bundchen
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In light of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's public split, there have been speculations concerning her next line of romance and involvement with her martial arts teacher, Joaquim Valente. However, way before this time, Bundchen and Valente have been working together, and one of Bundchen's recent Instagram posts of both of them showed Brady approved of it. Taking a look back, Bundchen and her children were recently seen with Valente in Costa Rica enjoying dinner.

Brady Liked A Clip Of Bundchen Showing Off Her Jiu-Jitsu Training With Valente

A few months after splitting from her ex-husband, Bundchen enjoyed a dinner in Costa Rica. The model went along with her two children, Benjamin and Vivian. However, they were also spotted with Valente, Bundchen's jiu-jitsu teacher. This has brought about romantic rumors between the duo. Back in February 2022, Bundchen showcased her jiu-jitsu skills on Instagram.

The model posted a clip of making impressive moves on Valente, pinning him down several times. At that time, Brady reacted to his wife's jiu-jitsu clip with a thumbs up. The video and recent outing have brought up arguments regarding Bundchen's divorce from Brady. 

About The Drama Leading To the Couple's Divorce 

There are some dramatic events leading up to Bundchen and Brady's divorce. In 2020, the footballer talked about the impact of his career on his marriage. He shared that Bundchen felt he would only focus on his career and neglect his part in the family. In August 2022, Brady was excused from practice to deal with personal affairs.

However, after an 11-day absence, Brady returned to his team. In September 2022, a source revealed the couple was having an "epic fight." Bundchen left the family compound in Costa Rica. This was due to his desire to return to his career after retiring. It brought a lot of tension since he was supposed to focus on his family. 

Brady's Retirement, Un-Retirement, And His Family 

Brady's choice to return to Tampa after retiring took a toll on his marriage. Bundchen was not okay with his career having more priority than their family. The model gave an interview about the matter on September 13th. At that time, she shared that she did her part. This included supporting Brady's dreams, moving to Boston, and creating a loving environment for their children.

The model shared she has been fulfilled as a mother and wife. "And now it's going to be my turn." She shared her connection to her purpose. Following Brady's decision to return to his career, the couple lived apart for a month. A source shared that Bundchen thought the footballer retired to focus on his family. However, she was devastated and hurt when he returned to his career. 

The Couple Reached A Settlement For The Divorce

On October 4th, the duo hired lawyers for their divorce. A source shared at that time that Bundchen was playing offense while Brady was playing defense. Another source shared that the duo's mutual friends were unhappy with Brady.

His decision to un-retire and go back on his words was frowned upon. However, they think and hope the duo can get back together. Bundchen and Brady's lawyers were able to settle their properties and custody.