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Paige Spiranac Calls Out Male Sportsmen For Oversexualizing Themselves

Paige Spiranac has a knack for stirring up controversy, and this time she's coming for oversexualized sportsmen. The general misconception is that women alone profit off sexualization, but Spiranac isn't having it, as she calls out the hypocrisy.

The Golf babe reckons male athletes also profit off sexualization after trolls attacked her on Twitter for her persona. She listed some top sportsmen worldwide, from basketballers to American footballers to soccer players.

Spiranac says they're all guilty of the objectification tweeps accuse her of, and she has the facts to prove it.

Men Do It Too!

The sports influencer started by highlighting the stereotype of women exposing their bodies for monetary gain, then moved to a parallel by showing pictures of sports stars posting Thirst Traps. From Cristiano Ronaldo to David Beckham, Tom Brady, and Lebron James.

Spiranac also burst the misconception that sportswomen appearing on Sports Illustrated oversexualized themselves. First, she named the highest-paid female athletes per Forbes, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Venus Williams, and Simone Biles.

She said they all had one thing in common: they're the Greatest of All Time in their fields and have all posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The men she mentioned have also been models on magazine covers in barely-there clothing highlighting their ripped abs. So, the critique should extend to them and not only the women.

Venturing Into Business

"Women can actually do it all!"

She gave them props for making it in business ventures outside their chosen sports. Spiranac also falls into that category of sportswomen venturing into other businesses. She retired from playing professional Golf and instead influences on and off Instagram. Spiranac also comments on Golf games and represents a gaming company - Points Bet USA.

In a recent post promoting Champion Clubs, Spiranac wore a two-piece golf kit consisting of a mini skirt and a skintight long-sleeve top with a turtleneck. She swung a golf ball showing the potential buyers the club's ability and her talent as a golfer.

Owning Her Sexuality

Spiranac isn't ashamed to show off her body in a bikini or sportswear. She posed for a calendar in a two-toned bikini. The triangle top was a black fabric covering the center of her boobs, thus exposing flesh on either side, while her bottoms were maroon.

The pose highlighted her toned abs and slim waist while she wore sexy cat eyeliner and wet blonde hair to sell the sultry vibe.

The model said she found the location and styled herself while her mother snapped pictures, making it a special moment.

Doing It All

Spiranac uses her racy pictures to promote sports like this one with customized baseball gear promoting the World Series two weeks ago. She asked her fans to choose between the Phillies and the Astros (The Astros Won).

The influencer wore a striped black, white and red two-piece of mini shorts, a red belt, and a cropped top. Spiranac buttoned the top halfway, thus revealing her full cleavage while she wore her blonde hair down in a straightened wave.

The ex-golfer still teaches pro-golfing tricks on her social media for interested fans, thus confirming that she can do everything she puts her mind to.