15 Terrible Modern Home Design Trends That People Need To Stop Doing

Jordan Claes
A modern looking home with an infinity pool.
Unsplash | Ярослав Алексеенко

A person's home is their castle, their sanctuary — their proverbial fortress of solitude. A home should be unique, it should reflect the owner's personality, and absolutely nobody has any right to tell you how to decorate it, right? Wrong.

The truth of the matter is that modern home design trends are a lot like opinions: everyone is entitled to their own but that doesn't necessarily make it correct. With that in mind, have a look below and check out these 15 terrible modern home design trends that people need to stop doing.

Having More Bathrooms Than Bedrooms

Hyper modern bathroom.

Go as modern as you like, I really don't care, but your number of bathrooms should never exceed the number of bedrooms.

Minimalist Design/Decoration

Minimalist decorations.
Unsplash | tu tu

Why do people like to pretend that they don't actually live in their homes? I get the compulsion for organization, but lived-in and messy are two entirely different things.

Ridiculously Tiny Kitchen Islands

Ridiculously small and useless kitchen island.
instagram | @pleasehatethesethings

Kitchen islands are stupid, it's as simple as that. All they do is get in the way and interrupt the flow of the room.

People Who Plaster 'Live. Laugh. Love.' Signs All Over Their Houses

A number of "Live, Laugh, Love" signs on the wall.
Unsplash | Brandi Alexandra

Don't tell me what to do, house — you're not the boss of me!

Every Hallway Needs Its Own Built-In Microwave

Built-in microwave in the hallway.
instagram | @pleasehatethesethings

Said nobody, ever. I mean honestly, who microwaves on the fly and why would you ever need more than one?

Terrifying Bathroom Art

A cat mural drawn on the bathroom wall. The eyes are circular mirrors.
instagram | @pleasehatethesethings

Cat people are weird and terrifying — don't let anyone try to tell you anything different. If I saw this in someone's home, I'd run away screaming.

Why Do We Need So Many Throw Pillows?

Three velvet throw pillows on a chair.
Unsplash | Ifrah Akhter

Furthermore, why do they all need to be velvet? A pillow is something you sleep on, not a decorative item.

Using Fake Grass or Astroturf

A dog playing with its toy on fake grass.
Unsplash | Justin Veenema

It's not only uncomfortable but an eyesore as well.

Beds That Look Like Things

A bed that's made to look like feet.
instagram | @pleasehatethesethings

I don't know what this is, but your bed shouldn't look like anything other than a bed and certainly not a pair of stinky feet.

Interpretive Art

A ceiling fan made of rifles.
instagram | @pleasehatethesethings

Have you ever longed to look up at a ceiling of guns? Neither have I. All I can say is that I hope none of these are loaded.

High-Density Newbuild Apartments

A high density new build apartment.
Unsplash | Clem Geiss

I understand that the population in major metropolitan areas has been on the rise in recent years, but can we stop it with the god-ugly buildings and cramming people in like sardines?

Every Room of the House Should Be Filled With Music

A piano in a bathroom.
instagram | @pleasehatethesethings

OK, I hear where you're coming from, but let's not take things too far. A bluetooth speaker would work just as well.

Pot Fillers

A pot filler above an electric stove.
instagram | @renovation_no136

Are you so lazy that you can't bring your pots to the sink for filling? Not even the great Gordon Ramsay needs a pot filler in his kitchen.

This Looks Like Something Out of a Tim Burton Movie

A riveted chair with a lion's head door knocker on the back.
eBay | msa_electronics

Call me crazy but a riveted chair with a lion's head doorknocker fastened into the back is just a tad gauche, as far as I'm concerned.