Middle School Teacher And Husband Fired Amid Controversy Surrounding Explicit OnlyFans Account

Jordan Claes
The inside of an empty classroom.
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Being a teacher is a largely thankless profession. What with the screaming kids, bratty parents, and a salary that borders on indentured servitude, it's a wonder that we have any teachers left standing, especially in a post-pandemic world.

The dire straits of this menial financial existence have forced many teachers to get creative with their side hustles, including former Lake Havasu Unified School District teacher Samantha Peer and her husband Dillon — both of whom were fired for explicit content on their shared OnlyFans account.

Samantha Peer Was a Middle School Science Teacher at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City, AZ

Teacher Samantha Peer giving a statement via her own YouTube Channel.
youtube | Khloe Karter

Samantha worked at Thunderbolt for roughly five years. During her tenure at the school, Samantha's salary never increased, even after she received countless positive performance reviews and rose to the status of "Master Science Specialist and Teacher." In order to make ends meet, Samantha was forced to pick up extra stipends, including "Co-Advisor to Yearbook Club," "Stem Club Advisor," and "New Teacher Mentor."

"It Got to a Point Where Our Family Was Not Able To Survive on Two Teacher Incomes," Samantha Said in a Statement Released via Her Own Personal YouTube Channel

Samantha Peer giving a statement in her bedroom via YouTube.
youtube | Khloe Karter

According to data made available by Zippia, Arizona is currently ranked 40th in terms of teacher salary by state — with an average yearly salary of roughly $38,000. Samantha explained that she turned to OnlyFans in an effort to help provide the basic necessities for herself as well as for her children.

"I Chose an Anonymous Name, As Well as Blocking the Entire State of Arizona on My OnlyFans so That It Wasn't Accessible to Anyone Living in the State," Samantha Continued

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On October 24th, 2022, a community member raised a complaint to Samantha's school and the local police regarding the explicit content she and her husband were creating. Specifically, the anonymous whistleblower was concerned that the setting for Samantha's (aka Khloe Karter) explicit interaction appeared to be on school grounds.

It Didn't Take Long Before Samantha and Dillon's Students Caught Wind of What Was Going On and Began Sharing the Explicit Content Amongst Themselves

Just how the children obtained the explicit content remains unclear, although some students have claimed that they were made aware of the situation involving Samantha and her husband by her fellow teachers. According to eighth-grade parent Alea Bilski, Peer also may have slipped up when she linked her explicit account to a non-alias social media profile.