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Former NFL Player Domata Peko's Father Sells Winning Powerball Ticket

Former Bengals NFL defensive player Domata Peko congratulated his father-in-law for selling the over $2 billion winning ticket for the Powerball Jackpot last week. As the seller of the winning ticket, Joe "Papa" Chahayed received $1 million in commission, and Peko celebrated with a Twitter post.

In his tweet, the 37-year-old referenced Grammy award-winning rapper Lil Wayne's hit record, A Milli, saying, "Alexa play A Milli by (Lil Wayne)."

Record-Breaking Lottery Win

Peko was right to tag the family blessed as the $2.04 billion jackpot is a record-breaking win as the largest pot ever. Chahayed sold the winning ticket with his catchphrase, "Good Luck, this is the winner," at his Altadena, L.A. store, Joe's Service Center.

He had no idea this time he was right, but he's glad his patience paid off. His lottery sales now have a new catchphrase reminding people that a billionaire came from his gas station store.

Chahayad Will Continue Taking Care Of His Family

Speaking to CBS Los Angeles, the new millionaire opened up about his life, saying he immigrated to the USA from Syria in the eighties with a net worth of $14,000. Chahayad had his wife and two children with him when he came and intended to use the money to care for them and his grandchildren - all ten of them.

They include three children from his daughter Anna and son-in-law Peko who married at 18 and celebrated their 20th anniversary this year.

Celebrating 20 Years Together

Peko and his wife run the Sunset Trocadero Lounge in West Hollywood, which has 4.4/5 stars. The lounge serves fresh food and hosts special parties during the holidays. Last July, he asked his followers to wish Anna a happy birthday while commending her for the work she does at the restaurant and lounge.

The former Bengals player said the family appreciates Anna and is proud of her for holding the fort.

Peko Jr. Is The Next Big Thing In American Football

Peko's eldest son, Domata Jr., is now a player like his father and a Calabasas High School senior team member. While celebrating him at the beginning of the month, Peko mentioned that he couldn't wait for him to play in his senior year.

He wrote,

"You are having a amazing Senior Season ! Now time kill it in these playoff games"

Peko believes his son is the next big thing in American Football if we all pay attention. He called Jr. a playmaker and shared videos of him playing for his school online.