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18+ School Memes To Turn Your ‘Can I Go To The Washroom?’ Into ‘CAN You?’

Do you remember the long-forgotten days of not being in work, and thinking that school was the worst thing ever? When you had little-to-no responsibilities, worries, or debt? Yeah, looking back, they were good times indeed!

Well, in order to help you recapture a little bit of that naive, innocent and youthful Joie de vivre that has since dissipated, here are 18+ school memes to turn your "Can I go to the washroom," into, "CAN you?"

Pencil Hogs

Almost as bad as the people who used to borrow your big rubber and then poke their pencils into it, or stab faces into it!

Avoid Eye Contact At All Costs

Frantically looking at anything other than the teacher or the textbook.

Airdropping Memes

Phones have ruined the art of sending notes to one another in class, and the fear of having to stand up and read it out if it got intercepted.

"My sister sent my 11-year-old nephew to school today with what she thought was a Fresca packed in his lunch...."

Reddit | Jibbety

This kid became the coolest kid in school in one day. Actually, Corona tastes like rats that hate you so maybe not.

Doing Laps Of The School

This is probably the closest childhood equivalent to gossiping by the water-cooler.

Are You Ready Yet?

Maybe add into slowly watching your Frosties get soggier while poking them around the bowl to try and kill time.

*Sniffs Bibs*

There was always one or two that were much worse than the rest, so you had to be quick into the bag lest you get the absolute rotter!

The Crushing Weight Of Reality

If you want to be a duck, then you go right ahead and be a duck! Let no one keep you from your dreams!

It's The Little Things In Life

Yeah Billie Eilish, you didn't come up with that effect! Kids have been doing it for years, you were just the first to do it over video game sound effects resembling a beat.

"Local elementary school is taking submissions on their name change"

Reddit | Laundry_Hurricane

You can just imagine the teacher's sweating furiously. If there's one thing that we have learnt from these experiments in the past, it's that you should never let the public name something!

Setting The Example

They always managed to pick the kid that had the worst handwriting as well, so you spent half the time trying to decipher their chaotic scribbles that looked like a spider on acid.

The 15 Minute Rule

The first time you hear someone say "You know if the teacher is a fifteen minute late we can legally leave," is a real turning point in your education.

*Furious Bell Ringing*

I never got it when the teachers would say this. The bell's literal purpose is to signify when one class ends! Isn't it?!

It's Downhill From 11

I'll never be as good at spelling as I was at 11. Everything was about spelling back then, nowadays I've been made lazy thanks to spelclheck.

The Worst Of The Worst

Reddit | hello10275

This would be the same kid as the kid that again reminded the teacher that they forgot to collect the homework — truly, they are the lowest of the low.

I Have A Note

Thanks to my ridiculously fancy looking handwriting, I was drafted in to write out a hell of a lot of fake notes as a kid. Looking back I should have charged.

Problem A:

If Janine is riding her 300kg death-wagon across two silver strings perpendicular to one another, while Jerry (weighing 11 Stone (please convert)) dangles precariously from the base of the death-wagon, then how far across the gap will they get before jerry realises he should have shelled out for a proper bridge?

Make Sure You Get Your 8 Hours!

This is a problem that will continue until you're an adult as well kids. No one on the planet is well rested, not even Dwayne Johnson no matter how much he may try and convince you otherwise.

Taking A Break

This was true for most of the kids in our school; although, there were also a lot who genuinely just used to take ciggie breaks as well.

I've Got Plenty Of Time

These are the sorts of moments where you just have to mainline Red Bull straight into your veins and pray for inspiration to strike!