Anne Hathaway And Salma Hayek Join Netflix's 'Seesaw Monster'

Chisom Ndianefo
Screenshot from YouTube of Salma Hayek and Anne Hathaway
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Salma Hayek and Anne Hathaway are a movie pair we didn't know we needed, but thanks to Netflix, we're getting a dose of them soon! The Academy Award-winning and nominated actresses joined the streaming platform as the first cast on the upcoming movie Seesaw Monster, written by Bullet Train author Kotaro Isaka.

It's an adaptation of the 2019 novel of the same name by Isaka, and the powerhouse actresses would co-produce it. There's no director yet for the action-comedy, but it's set to give fans a filled day!

Hayek and Hathaway have experience in action movies, with the former starring in the recent Hitman's Wife Bodyguard and the latter having roles in The Dark Knight Rises and Get Smart under her belt.

Who Else Is Coming On Board?

Hayek and Hathaway would play rivals (a mother and daughter-in-law duo) forced to work together. The source material is Isaka's book, Seesaw Monster, a mystery-thriller that flips between a futuristic Japan (2050) and the Showa Era.

Olivia Milch, who wrote Ocean's Eight, is set to adapt the screenplay, while other producers coming on board include Akiva Goldsman & Gregory Lessans (Weed Road Pictures), Ryosuke Seagusa & Yuma Terada (CTB Inc.)

Terada and Seagusa produced Bullet Train, which was met with critical acclaim, so Netflix is optimistic about Seesaw Monster. Also, the company has faith in its lead actresses, both of whom have robust resumes.

Hathaway Is Capable

Hathaway is coming off two heavily-packed productions and is on set for a third one. She starred in We Crashed, streaming on Apple TV plus, and Armageddon Time, now in theaters. Whereas she's a cutthroat tech founder's wife in the streaming series, Hathaway transforms into a late 20th Century mom in Armageddon Time.


It's the first time we'll see her in such a role, so the actress would feel right at home in Seesaw Monster as she plays a wife. Both her roles met with critical acclaim upon release, thus proving Netflix right in hiring her.

Hayek Won't Disappoint

Hayek also had a great run in 2021 before hanging her boots to recuperate. She starred in the Marvel movie Eternals and later House of Gucci, and like her counterpart, both roles were opposites.

For Eternals, Hayek played the profound Ajak, a goddess on earth set to lead a group of superhumans in the era before superheroes. In House of Gucci, the actress became a clairvoyant, Giuseppina Auriemma, a.k.a. Pina, who conspired with Patrizia Reggiani to kill Maurizio Gucci in the 1990s.

CAA And Entertainment 360 To The Rescue

With Hayek set to star in the third installment of Magic Mike (The Last Dance) and Hathaway's Mother's Instinct wrapping up filming soon, we expect Seesaw Monster to get its director and complete crew by next year and start filming as quickly as possible.

Netflix needs to ride the wave of its current success of Bullet Train, but we believe Hayek and Hathaway's schedule would align soon as they're represented by the same companies - CAA and Entertainment 360.

We can't wait to watch the action unfold, and here's to hoping they do a double-release as is now common - theater and streaming.