Here's How Kelly Ripa Reacted To Her Son Being On The 'Sexiest Man Alive' Issue

Ashabi Azeez
Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest
youtube | Live Kelly And Ryan

It is with no doubt many parents' joy to watch their children build good reputations for themselves, and American actress/television producer Kelly Ripa is the latest proud mom. Ripa was dumbfounded when Ryan Seacrest told her that her 25-year-old son Michael, was one of the Sexiest People Alive.

How Ripa Reacted To Her Son's Latest Milestone

Ripa found out that her son, whom she shares with her husband Mark Consuelos, was named one of People Magazine's "Sexiest People Alive" on Wednesday's Live With Kelly and Ryan episode. Her co-host Ryan Seacrest broke the news to her while their show was going on. 

Seacrest started by flipping through a People magazine which had an image of Chris Evans on the front page, and then he shocked the mom sitting beside him when he said:

"I'm flipping through [the issue] … and I see this page 'Gen Next'… Michael is one of the 'Sexiest People Alive.'"

Seacrest showed the camera the page, which featured Michael modeling in a green blazer beside an old photo of his dad when he was his son's age. Ripa, totally stunned by the news, grabbed the magazine from her co-star's hand and put on her glasses to take a closer look at the image.

The 52-year-old talk show host noted that she would have picked a couple of copies for the grandparents if People had informed her. The excited mom then acknowledges that she often forgets how identical her son and her husband look. Apparently, she only remembers when she sees side-by-side photos of the duo.

Ripa Showed Her Son With Praise After Seeing His Achievement

After admiring her son's photo for a while, Ripa, who is also famous for various amazing works in the entertainment industry, revealed the content of the People magazine: 

"I admire my dad's organization and timeliness. Growing up we were always really early and if I'm not early some place I kind of freak out."

Ripa confirmed that her husband is indeed time conscious. She said if they do not leave for an occasion two hours early then he believes they are late. Ripa, who is also mom to Lola and Joaquin Antonio, then gushed over Michael's qualities. The proud mom said she had always considered her son a handsome young fellow. 

She said her son is conscientious, hard-working, diligent, and respectful before she whispered that she never expected him to be considered sexy. Seacrest also admired the young man's outfit, but not without joking that he forgot to put a shirt on.

Other Times Ripa Gushed Over Her Son

Ripa is no stranger to sharing the joy of having children who make her proud. She gushed over Michael on social media in 2020 after he graduated from New York University.

She also shared in 2019 that the young man was experiencing "extreme poverty" for the first time after he relocated to Bushwick, Brooklyn, and started paying his rent. She was, however, criticized for her statement. 

According to Page Six, Ripa later defended her words, noting that she only meant she was out in the world supporting himself for the first time. She then explained that neither she nor his father grew up privileged, and they expected their children to work hard for success. 

Michael Said His Dad Want Him To Look Like Him

After being included in this year's People's Sexiest Man Alive issue, Michael, 25, revealed in an interview that he often raids his dad's closet. The young man, who starred in Riverdale alongside Mark, explained that his father notices whenever he wears something from his closets, and the All My Children star always insisted that he ask first.

Michael added that Mark wants him and his 19-year-old brother Joaquin to look like him. He reminded a time he bought a pair of new glasses, and his dad quickly enquired where the young actor had gotten them so he could get the same pair. Michael loves to dress for comfort and is a big fan of suits. Aside from looking sharp, the handsome actor also enjoys running and reading.