Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez Acknowledged Tennis Legend Serena Williams After 2016 Victory

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury
Serena Williams celebrates after victory
instagram | Serena Williams

The sports industry is made up of athletes who have struggled through their lows and celebrated through their highs. As a result, athletes of any sport are always aware of another athlete's physical and mental stress. 

It's not easy being the Serena Williams of tennis or Alex' A-Rod' Rodriguez of baseball, but they have done it and climbed to the top despite the innumerable obstacles that stood in their way. 

Considering Rodriguez knows the stress of being a top athlete in a sport, he took to social media to celebrate Serena Williams in 2016.

Alex Rodriguez Paid Tribute To The William Sisters

Serena and Venus Williams are two household names in tennis. There barely exists one who does not know who The William Sisters are!

Back in 2016, Serena Williams secured her 22nd Grand Slam singles title after defeating Angelique Kerber at the Wimbledon finals. This was also her final Wimbledon victory before retiring from the sport.

Additionally, Serena and Venus Williams teamed up for the doubles title at Wimbledon 2016 and secured the victory there too.

A-Rod took to social media to congratulate the tennis icons and paid a special tribute to Serena Williams for her two wins.

Serena Williams And Alex Rodriguez Share Another Similarity

Williams and Rodriguez have filled tennis and baseball, respectively. However, being the top athlete in their sport isn't the only similarity between the two legends.

Both Williams and Rodriguez have focused on improving their net worth by investing their money in new ventures. Even basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal did the same!

All three athletes are a part of an elite investors group of post-retirement athletes.

Serena Williams Has Faced Harsh Criticism And Ridicule During Her Illustrious Career

Even though she is one of the greatest athletes of all time, it still did not spare her from criticism and rudeness, some owing to her skin color.

More often than not, the media has targeted her with unruly comments about her physique, which is more muscular than her peers in the sport, and compared her to men. In one incident, Venus and Serena Williams were referred to as brothers.

Such comments did affect Williams as she was making her way through a predominantly white sport. However, as she became older, the words stopped affecting her, and she proved her value in court, where it actually mattered.

What Is Serena Williams Doing Now?

Serena Williams has stepped away from the sport but has refused to be termed "officially retired." In fact, she revealed that there are high chances of her returning to the game, but right now, she's trying to find the perfect balance between enjoying life with her family while keeping tennis as close to her as possible!