Woman Who Just Turned 101 Says Tequila Is The Secret To A Long And Happy Life

Rae Batchelor
A glass of tequila.
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You heard the expert!

Sometimes, just getting through life one day at a time seems impressive enough, but then you realize there are people out there with somewhere around 36 thousand days under their belt, like Mary Flip, who recently turned 101 years old. Now that's something. You might be curious what she credits her long life to, but don't worry: she's here to tell you, and it's definitely more fun than a healthy diet and exercise.

Aging is tough, and everyone is always giving you different advice on how to do it the best.

A young man transforms into an older man.

Eat an apple a day, don't eat eggs, run a marathon, eat a lot of eggs, don't push yourself too hard, don't sleep too much, always sleep in, a glass of wine every day — the ways we're told to extend our life are pretty contradictory, no matter where they come from.

That's why I only listen to advice from people who have already made it to an impressive age.

A glass of tequila.
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Like mother of six Mary Flip, who recently told NBC15 her secret to a long life after her 101st birthday. I think anyone who can say they're over a century old is worth listening to when they tell you how they got there — especially if the answer is tequila.

Mary has lived through Great Depression, multiple wars, and had six kids, which is an impressive life no matter how you slice it.

Mary Flip celebrating her 101st birthday
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She's also managed to keep her sense of humor! When her daughter asked her “How do you feel, Ma?” on her birthday, she jokingly responded with a chuckle and said: "With my hand."

“I really like to draw," she told NBC15.

Someone drawing oranges.
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"I was able to figure out that things change even as you’re drawing them. So, I was able to develop and make them look real. It took time but I had nothing else to do except raise a bunch of kids.”

She credits her long and 'happy' life to her favorite drink, tequila.

A woman drinking tequila from a blender.
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And when it comes to her birthday party, she's not planning on holding back. “Oh, I’ll get up on the table," she laughed.

She's not the only one who says alcohol may be the key to a long life.

A woman pouring two kinds of alcohol into a pitcher.
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The world's oldest woman, a French nun by the name of Sister Andre at the age of 118, corroborates her story.

“Her glass of wine maintains her and is perhaps her longevity secret. I don’t know – I don’t encourage people to drink a glass of wine everyday!” shared a staff member from her retirement home.

"I was always admired for my wisdom and intelligence, but now people could care less because I'm stubborn," she joked.

A glass of wine
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And there are even some famous names who are joining this team, like Vera Wang, age 73, who stuns fans with her youthful appearance.

Her secret?

"Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun..."

Well, you heard the ladies! It's 5'oclock somewhere, and I've got a LOT of life left to live, so if you'll excuse me...

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