Neighbor Threatens To Call Cops On Kid Who Spends Too Much Time Outside

Sarah Kester
Little child playing outside
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Karens are the thief of joy.

If someone is having a nice day, an "alert" flashes in red in their mind, along with the words "destroy." This signal beeps extra strong when they're near a store manager.

Neighborhood Karens exist as well. It's why a neighbor threatened to call the cops on a child who was having too much fun outside.

Karens are nothing if not ruthless.

Angry woman
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There have been countless stories on the internet of entitled women who aren't afraid to make someone's life difficult.

Like the viral video of a woman who denied responsibility for backing into a man's car despite there being cameras.

This viral video was posted on TikTok by Jack Bitar, or @bitarbuilt_fk8.

Car being hit
TikTok | @bitarbuilt_fk8

It was his 2021 Honda Civic Type R car that got hit by a Karen when they were at a Honda dealership. Both had been parked in a spot designated for the service line when Karen decided to move her car into the shade.

That's when she backed into Bitar's car without looking.

Keep in mind that this was the man's brand-new car that he only had for a week. "She backed up as I was screaming and hollering and honking the horn... with nobody in front of her," he wrote on the video.

When a sales representative came to inspect the damage, he said, “Ooof lady, that’s going to be expensive.”

Someone on  a show saying "i would like to speak to your manager."

Since "responsibility" isn't a word that Karens understand, she tried to deny responsibility for the accident. This was despite the fact that several witnesses around the dealership had seen the incident take place.

People in the comments were baffled by her behavior.

Woman freaking out
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"100% she was going for the 'he rear-ended me,'" someone commented with a laughing emoji.

“Always these type of people who wanna hold everybody but themselves responsible,” another person said of the Karen.

If you thought Car Dealership Karens were ruthless, wait until you meet Neighborhood Karens.

Car on road
Unsplash | Dan Gold

In one viral video, a man showed the bizarre handwritten note he received from entitled neighbors. They asked him to not park in their spot, despite their street not having designated parking.

The nerve of some people.

Note in mail slot
TikTok | @dawnydawnperil

In another wacky story, a TikToker who posts under the name, Dawny Dawn, recently shared her bizarre story of a Karen next door trying to police her daughter's playtime. The video started by showing a handwritten letter in her mail slot.

The full note reads: "Dear neighbor. I moved here a year ago and I wanted to give you time to correct this problem on your own, but you are apparently too inconsiderate to do so."

Rude note from neighbor
TikTok | @dawnydawnperil

"Every day this week, when weather has been nice and windows are open, you proceed to let your small child run free in your garden, laughing and giggling and carrying on without end."

The note continued on, saying that the person's child is "disruptive for my two dogs and my bird who sits next to the window and likes to look into the garden."

Little girl cringing

"Perhaps you could ask your child to tone it down a bit."

They had the nerve to ask the parent to limit their child's outside time to "15 to 20 minutes a day" so that their dogs can "go outside without seeing her."

Note from neighbor that says: or at least limit her outside time to is -20 mins a day so my dogs can go outside without seeing her. if this behavior persits i will call the police!!
TikTok | @dawnydawnperil/

The letter then ended with a threat: "If this behaviour persists I will call the police!"

Since Dawn turned off the comments, you can't see how people reacted.

But we can pretty much guess! This Karen needs a new hobby, one that doesn't include watching another person's child from the window and trying to ruin their fun!