Michael Winslow, The Sound Effects Guy From 'Police Academy,' Stepped Away From Hollywood To Be A Good Dad

Michael Winslow from 'Police Academy'
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When it comes to fame, people usually stay famous once they get famous. Sure, their fame might wax and wane over time, but in general, very few celebrities willingly choose to turn their backs on the glitz and glamour.

There are a few examples, though — and one of the most notable might be Michael Winslow, who skyrocketed to Hollywood fame based on his sound effects in the Police Academy movies.

Some actors decide to leave Hollywood.

Rick Moranis in an interview
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One prime example would be Rick Moranis, who appeared in some of the biggest comedies of the '80s. After his wife passed away, Moranis took a long break from acting starting in 1997 so he could take care of his kids.

Michael Winslow also stepped away from the spotlight.

Still of Michael Winslow in 'Police Academy'
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Winslow has an incredible ability to mimic sounds, and this is what brought him to Hollywood. Early appearances on The Gong Show gave way to roles in all seven Police Academy movies.

His career continued.

While he'd never again be as hot a commodity as he was during the Police Academy days, Winslow still had a successful career in Hollywood. He appeared in Spaceballs and also provided voiceover work. But in the early '90s, he mostly stepped away from Hollywood.

He appeared more recently on 'America's Got Talent.'

Still of Michael Winslow on 'America's Got Talent'
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It was the first time most people had seen Winslow in more than 30 years. During his appearance, Winslow made some of his trademark sound effects — and then reflected on what took him away from the spotlight in the first place.

The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Still from 'America's Got Talent'
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After a warm welcome from host Simon Cowell and a performance that garnered a standing ovation from the crowd, Winslow discussed his personal life.

"Now, after raising my two kids, I'm in a different phase," he said. "I think this is my time."

He had to take time away to raise his kids.

Winslow's abrupt departure from Hollywood came in 1993, and it was due to the sudden death of his wife. He realized he needed to devote more time to his kids, and the suddenly widowed funnyman was forced to put Hollywood on the back burner.

America's ready for more Michael Winslow.

Still of Michael Winslow on 'America's Got Talent'
youtube | America's Got Talent

It had been decades since most people had heard Michael Winslow's pitch-perfect sound effects, and he certainly delivered — even providing some pointers on how to perform a few of his signature sounds.

He was eliminated in the semifinals.

Still of Michael Winslow on 'America's Got Talent'
youtube | America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent features some, well, talented people, and Winslow couldn't quite make the final cut. He was eliminated during the semifinals, but his appearance on the small screen was still a delight for anyone who remembers his '80s heyday.

Will we see more Michael Winslow in the near future?

As he noted, his kids are grown up now and he's ready for his next challenge — will it be in Hollywood? Let us know what you think of this story in the comments.