Woman Says She Thought She Had Appendicitis But Was Actually About To Give Birth

Ashley Hunte
Kayla explains how she didn't know she was pregnant until she went into labor.
TikTok | @kaylanicolesimpson

You might be wondering, "How can people be pregnant for 9 months and never know?" While it's not a super common occurrence, there are a lot of factors that can make it more possible than you think.

One TikTok user shared her story, when she went to the hospital for fear of appendicitis. She came out of the hospital with a baby.

A user named Kayla posted her TikTok in late October.

Kayla explaining how she ended up having her daughter.
TikTok | @kaylanicolesimpson

Holding her baby, Kayla (@kaylanicolesimpson) shared the story of how her now one-year-old daughter first came into her life. She started off by saying, "I was a sophomore at a college party."

Throughout the TikTok, Kayla sings along to "Made You Look" by Meghan Trainor.

Kayla explaining that the doctors didn't know what was wrong at first.
TikTok | @kaylanicolesimpson

She fast forwards 9 months later, saying, "I went to the hospital thinking I had appendicitis. Doctors didn't know what was wrong in the ER."

She then shares that the doctors had her undergo an ultrasound.

Kayla literally learned in the hospital that she was about to give birth to a baby she didn't know she had.
TikTok | @kaylanicolesimpson

"While they were doing an ultrasound my mom saw something familiar on the screen." The next caption that Kayla puts on the screen is "It was a head!"

And that's pretty much how she found out she was pregnant.

Kayla had a smooth delivery, despite not knowing she was even pregnant.
TikTok | @kaylanicolesimpson

Kayla also explains that she had no visible signs of pregnancy, didn't gain wait, and was still menstruating regularly. But despite all that, she delivered her daughter in about 15 minutes.

"Came home 2 days later with a perfectly healthy baby and my best friend."

Throughout the TikTok, Kayla is holding, dancing with, and bouncing her baby around. The baby seems to be having a lot of fun, too.

Since posting the TikTok, it's gone absolutely viral.

Kelly Clarkson waving her arms and going, "What?"
Giphy | The Voice

In the span of a few short weeks, the TikTok has been viewed over 18.5 million times, and has 2.5 million likes. And of course, thousands of users flocked the comment section.

People were in utter disbelief.

John Cena looking shocked and confused in the ring.

Kayla's story definitely feels like something out of a Netflix show.

"I can’t imagine having to process that I was pregnant and now have a baby in the same 24 hours," a user wrote in the comment section.

Some people expressed how finding out they were pregnant this way is a huge fear of theirs.

A man in an audience looking both shocked and concerned.
Giphy | Real Madrid

One commenter wrote, "genuinely my one consistent fear is that I've been secretly pregnant for almost 4 months."

Other people even shared how this same thing happened to them.

Karen from Mean Girls saying "samesies."

"Two weeks ago, I had a urinary tract infection and went to urgent care with the worst pain of my life and they saw I was pregnant (me not knowing at all)," another commented wrote. "Two days later I had my daughter."

The video got so popular, that even Meghan Trainor saw it.

Meghan Trainor's song was used in the now-viral TikTok.
Giphy | Music Choice

Trainor, whose song was used throughout the TikTok's entirety, said, "Wowwwwww ur incredible 🥰 she’s perfect 🥺"

In any case, it seems like everything worked out well in the end for Kayla and her daughter.