Protester Throws Eggs At King Charles And Queen Consort Camilla

Taylor Sakellis
king charles and camilla
twitter | @daviddunninguk

Police scrambled to arrest a protester in York, England on Wednesday after throwing eggs at King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. In the shocking moment, which was captured on video by a few bystanders, at least half a dozen raw eggs were thrown in an attempt to hit the new monarch.

The moment has gone viral already, causing an uproar online.

In a video shared by @daviddunninguk, viewers can see the moment eggs were thrown at the Royal party while visiting Micklegate Bar in York on Wednesday.

While the first few eggs went almost unnoticed, the welcoming committee quickly looked over at the crowd in horror.

While being arrested, the protestor shouted: "This country was built on the blood of slaves."

In response to the protestor, the crowd began yelling "God save the King" and "shame on you" at the protester, as reported by the BBC.

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla continued unphased.

In a different video shared by ITV News, the closer angle shows the King ignoring the eggs flying past his arm.

He and Camilla continued on their walk and kept things incredibly professional as they walked past smashed eggs on the ground.