Woman Explains The Emotional Reason For Her Simple Ear Tattoos, Goes Viral

Ashley Hunte
A tattoo artist holding up the tattoo gun
Unsplash | Eugene Chystiakov

Not every tattoo has a sentimental or emotional meaning. But the ones that do are usually related to a loved one, and there's always a chance that loved once has since passed.

For one TikTok user, her unique tattoos are a way of keeping a lost loved one close, and just thinking about it is bringing tears to my eyes.

The user, who goes by Anna, posted a TikTok last month.

Anna shows off her tattoos, which are arrow-like lines that point in different directions.
TikTok | @garbage.bird

In the TikTok, she (@garbage.bird) explains why she has tattoos on the inner part of her outer ear. On one side, the tattoo consists of two lines that create an arrow pointing down.

While on the other side, the arrow points up.

Anna shows the other ear as well, before explaining what they mean.
TikTok | @garbage.bird

In the TikTok, Anna shows pictures of either side of her head, with text overlay that echoes questions others have asked her: "'Why did you get those lines tattooed on your ears? And why don't the ears match?'"

The reason she gives is absolutely heartbreaking.

Anna's dog has passed. One of her ears always flopped while the other pointed up.
TikTok | @garbage.bird

"Because hers didn't match," Anna writes, before showing a picture of her dog, Storm, who had passed shortly before the TikTok was uploaded. Her tattoos are a way of keeping that memory alive.

"And now part of her is with me forever, even though she's gone."

Anna's dog has passed away, but her memory will live on.
TikTok | @garbage.bird

The last part of the TikTok is a short clip of Anna giving Storm a kiss on the snout, followed by the caption, "Love you forever Storm."

In a comment under her own post, Anna wrote, "Storm passed in my arms on oct 12 after a tough fight with cancer. She was truly loved by all who met her."

The now-viral TikTok had pretty much every viewer and commenter in tears.

Many commenters expressed their sympathies.

Four cartoon roses along with a caption that reads, "sorry for your loss."
Giphy | Bells and Wishes

"So sad but so sweet at the same time. I am so sorry for your loss," one user wrote.

Another said, "Well that was unexpected. I’m so sorry for your loss but dammit if that isn’t the bestest tattoo."

The viral TikTok made its way over to Twitter, too.

User Matt (@dogfather) who is the person behind the popular @dog_rates account, posted the video to his Twitter, along with the caption, "alright well i’m going to cry for about a week."

Other Twitter users sympathized, and shared their own losses, too.

Plenty of dogs have quirky or asymmetrical ears, which is just one more thing to love about them. For many, this tattoo and story really hit close to home.

Some even shared how they paid tribute to their pets.

The love we have for our pets is pretty incredible. They don't even need to be passed (or sick) for us to want to pay tribute to them when we can.

Basically, everyone is sad now.

This story really hits hard, even if you've never lost a pet (or ever had one to begin with). But if you do have any pets, go ahead and give them a couple dozen hugs.

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