Women Who Caught Their Men Out In A Lie Share The Weakest Excuses They've Heard

Kasia Mikolajczak
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I don't know about you, ladies, but I had my own share of dating woes. Now that I'm happily married, I can only go back in the not-that-distant past to remember a few of the lies men have told me. So I sympathize with any lady who had to put up with that.

That's why I was really intrigued when I saw a Twitter thread that asked, "Ladies what’s the wildest lie a man ever told you?" Let's read some of these stories and either cry or laugh together. Shall we?

This Obvious Red Flag

Oh, yeah, if you catch your man sending messages to another girl and he denies it, that's a total red flag. And then this guy had the balls to say somebody else had the password to his IG, haha! Right! We all know better, haha.

This Tall Tale

Um, what? What in the heck was he doing walking on hot coals, haha? In what world would that lie ever fly? I guess this man is a pathological liar, and he'll stop at nothing to tell tall tales to whoever happens to be with him at the time.

This Baby Drama

Wow! This one here made me laugh. I feel so bad for the woman this man has been lying to for quite some time. But to come up with a story like this is quite interesting, huh? Where do guys come up with stuff like that?

These Deceiving Eyes

Oh, my! How can this woman's eyes be deceiving when she knows what she saw right then and there? Thankfully for her, she wasn't alone, somebody else witnessed this bad behavior. I hope she left this guy and just walked away.

This Absurd Excuse

Okay, if you're going to believe that one, why would he use that very picture as his background? That's even creepier than anything else. I would be questioning this reasoning even more than the obvious suspicion. Either way, I would buy it.

This Right-Handed Catch

Oh, my goodness. I can't imagine what this lady felt when she realized her husband blatantly lied. And now, I feel invested to find out where he was the whole time. Who's with me on that one?

This Funny Story

Ah, haha! I'm totally cracking up, pun intended, haha. Whenever a guy comes up with an excuse not to have you come to his place, that should automatically raise a red flag. But this is the funniest excuse I have heard in a long time.

This Wild Excuse

Okay, like that even makes any sense at all. Am I right, ladies? Something tells me this guy was seeing somebody else at the same time and obviously had no time for this woman. He should have just left her alone.

This Change Of Heart

OMG! You don't say? It's definitely something you don't hear every day. Am I right, ladies? Well, I hate to say it, but she did dodge a bullet there, no? It sounds like heartbreak in the making.

This Web Of Lies

Holy moly! What kind of person goes through all that trouble to create a web of lies? I say just be honest. But no, that's not what some guys are all about. The funny thing is, they don't realize that sooner or later, it will all catch up with them.

This Two-Timer

Okay, so even though it was just two weeks, that's still not a nice thing to do. It seems to me that he was taking this new relationship for a spin before canceling on the other one he was in, no? What do you think?

This Odd Event

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"He posted pictures of him and his son in matching white suits. I liked the picture and complimented them then asked what was the occasion. He said an all white party. 3 months later I found out it was his wedding."



This Role Reversal

Wowza! The lies just don't stop with this one, huh? I wonder how long this whole thing went on? And why did the other woman go along with it is beyond me? Obviously, he was playing them both.

This Sweet Gesture

Ah, how nice of him, huh? Wait a minute. This doesn't add up. If I were this woman, I wouldn't believe it for one second. And this really makes other guys look bad. What do you say, ladies? Do you agree with that?

This Awful Lie

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"Ex-husband told me friend from work was a lesbian. She stayed at ours on the weekends. He ended up leaving me for her. She was never gay. It was just the excuse to get his side piece in the house. A few yrs later, she transitioned & they’re still together."



This Interesting Story

Wow, can you believe that? Honestly, this guy did his research, huh? However, if I were the woman, I would definitely question the story here. I wonder how she found out the truth in the end.

This April Fool's Joke

Okay, how does that even make sense? So was he trying to say he was pranking her because he cheated or because he was pretending he cheated? Either way, good luck with that one, buddy. Somebody forgot to look at the calendar, haha.

This Weird Lie

Um, what? What was the point of that? If he wanted to make himself younger, fine. But why lie about the actual day of your birthday? This poor woman celebrated this fool on the wrong day for almost three years. That's pretty crazy, no?

Those were some elaborate lies, huh?

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What I don't get is why these guys go through such a rouse when in the end, the truth will still come out. I don't know about you, but it makes no sense to me. I guess there's some kind of thrill these pathological liars get out of pulling the wall over someone's eyes. Am I right?

I think that's pretty sad. Has a guy ever lied to you, and told you a silly story to cover his tracks?