Dad Shares The Surprising Lessons Fatherhood Had In Store For Him

Kasia Mikolajczak
hands holding a newborn baby
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

If you've been following many accounts on TikTok, you might have stumbled upon @sidneyraz. He's gotten pretty famous for his series of tips and tricks he didn't know before he hit 30.

Now he's back with another batch, but this time, it's all about first-time fatherhood. Oh, yeah! If you recently had a kid, listen up. I'm about to share with you some handy tips so let's get right into it. Shall we?

Tip #1

hands showing a line on diapers you're supposed use to line them up
TikTok | @sidneyraz

According to Sidney, there's a line on the diapers that you're supposed to match to see if they will fit. Um, what? Why didn't anybody tell me that? What's the purpose of it, you ask? Well, if you line it up properly, it will be snug, and nothing will leak out. Aha!

Tip #2

man in TikTok video talking about babies projectile poop
TikTok | @sidneyraz

Here's a hard truth, new parents — did you know your little tyke can projectile poop? Oh, yeah! Learn this from a man who discovered it all by himself.

While his little angel was laying on the changing table, she projectile pooped, hehe. Sidney even measured it, and the distance was a whole 19 inches. Holy moly!

Tip #3

man in a TikTok video swaddling a baby
TikTok | @sidneyra

Here comes the swaddle struggle. Babies are so funny, so one day they love being swaddled, while another day they seem to hate it. But if you keep rocking them, they will eventually go to sleep. Aww, that's so cute, no?

Tip #4

As Sidney has discovered, a single piece of cloth can support the whole weight of your baby when you wrap it around you correctly. Let me show you exactly what I mean. Check out this handle set of instructions Sidney shared on his TikTok, or better yet, watch the video.

Tip # 5

Have you ever struggled to take out one butt wipe at a time? Well, there's a solution for that. Just add a rubber band to the package, and it will stop them from coming out in clumps. Okay, for this one, I had to watch the video too. How genius is that?

Tip #6

If you've ever used a brush to wash your baby bottles you may know this. But then again, you might be just as surprised by this as I was. There's a little brush hidden inside of the big brush. What? Sidney shows you where you can find it so check this out.

Tip #7

man on TikTok using a pipe cleaner to clean baby nursing equipment
TikTok | @sidneyraz

And speaking of cleaning stuff, here's another one for you. How do you clean those hard-to-reach areas of nursing equipment? Guess what? You can actually use a pipe cleaner for that. OMG! How cool is that, huh?

Tip #8

Who here uses a baby bottle drying rack? They're so handy. Are they not? But did you know they can safely go into the dishwasher? Oh, my! How do you like that? Sidney, was so proud of discovering that fact, haha.

And now you have it, folks.

Chris Evans saying "Internet, so helpful."

I hope you find these tips and tricks from this first-time dad useful. I sure learned a thing or two. So next time you're struggling, know that there might be an easy solution. All you need to do is look for one on TikTok. And voila, you're good to go.

Have you learned something you didn't know before you became a dad? Share it with the rest of us in the comments below.